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Ep 108: How To Get Your Niche Brand Into Major Retailers with Aycee Brown

September 12, 2018
42 min

Today in the guest chair is Aycee Brown. Aycee is the founder and Chief Sleep Officer of Goodnight Darling Co. Goodnight Darling is a luxury retail line designed to promote healthy sleep habits and provide sleep-inducing wares. Founded in 2016, Goodnight Darling utilizes expert studies to develop products for enhancing the sleep experience. Goodnight Darling has partnered with West Elm Local on the east coast and several luxury boutiques.

In addition to Aycee’s extensive work in building a brand trusted for increasing sleep quality, her commitment to educating her community on the effects of respecting rest rituals has made her a voice of authority in the self-care and sleep arena. She is now recognized for her uncanny ability to develop modern, posh products that soothe the body, relax the mind, and put her customers to sleep.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn how Aycee successfully side hustled and got her niche brand in West Elm and more.

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