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Ep 97: Tela Holcomb Was Fired For Having a Side Hustle Then Taught Herself How To Trade Stocks And Retire Early

July 1, 2018
38 min

On today’s show, we will hear from a woman who actually got laid off as a result of her hustle.

Her name is Tela Holcomb, she is a stocks and options trader, investor and serial entrepreneur. In her own words, she’s financially free and living a life she loves!

But, it wasn’t always that way. Like many of us, she had to side hustle, and was dependent on her 9 to 5 to pay the bills. And although she got paid very well it just… her heart wasn’t quite in it.

So in 2009, she started learning about trading stocks. She learned a system of trading and investing that had the potential of replacing her paycheck but didn't require her to be behind a computer 8 hours a day. But then, she lost her job. So she got to focused on replacing that income. On today’s episode, she will share how she traded her 9 to 5 and how you can too.

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