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Ep 65: From Financial Analyst to Entrepreneur: How This Beauty Maven Opened The Premier Brow Studio in DC

October 11, 2017
25 min

Nicole Alexis is the owner of the the beauty haven, PRMP Beauty Studio in Washington, D.C.


Nicole realized that her passion in beauty was more than a side hustle while working as a financial analyst with the federal government.  As her side hustle, providing brow shaping and body waxing, started to grow, she came to a cross road.  Staying comfortable with her comfy 6-figure salary and earn extra money on the side or taking her side hustle full -time.

She chose to be a true hustler and went for her beauty passion and opened Primp Beauty Studios. The rest is, as I like to say, HERstory.

On today’s show, Nicole shares how she built an organic brand, an in-demand business with clients that followed her from location to location and how she dealt with the surprise costs that come with being a novice business owner.


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