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Ep 29: How One Entrepreneur Is Monetizing Her Food Blog (Check-In with Meiko And the Dish)

December 21, 2016
43 min

On this episode, we are welcoming back Meiko Drew, the Side Hustle Pro Entrepreneur-in-Residence. We’re following Meiko for an entire year to chronicle her journey from Corporate America retiree to the Founder of Food and Lifestyle brand MeikoAndTheDish. For those of you who don’t know, Meiko walked away from a six-figure salary at Target to focus on MeikoAndTheDish full time. Though it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, her brand is steadily rising and so it’s time to check in with her again to see how it’s all going.

On this episode Meiko shares:


  • How she’s partnering with brands and getting paid for it
  • How she’s monetizing her blog through different income streams
  • Her radical move from one city to the next and how it’s helped her hit her stride
  • Her vision and goals for 2017


Find out how Meiko is making it work despite the twists and turns life throws at her.

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