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Ep 28: Instagram 101: How To Grow Your Followers And Find Your True Fans

December 14, 2016
44 min

I’m checking in with an update on all things social media marketing: Specifically, Instagram. I have heard many of you ask: How can I organically grow my audience on Instagram? I see this question come up in most of the groups I am in and with most entrepreneurs. Now in Episode 7, I broke down How to Grow Explode Your Social Media Audience with Five Steps and Zero Dollars.

There, I went step by step through my methodology and the steps I used to grow my Instagram over 1000% in a year. Today, I am here with updates, updates. As you know, you miss a day you miss A LOT when it comes to social media. Case in point: The last time we spoke, there was no Instagram stories and certainly no Instagram LIVE.

On this episode, we will get into:

  • What’s working and what’s not on Instagram How to find your target audience on Instagram - *NEW INSIGHTS*
  • Why you CAN start a business on Instagram
  • What you can accomplish with even 30 minutes a day on Instagram
  • The number one reason why your following is NOT growing

BONUS: I've created a LIVE Masterclass, Get The Gram on December 21 to show you the 5 Steps To Grow An Engaged Following On Instagram. Register here:

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