August 24, 2019
- Time to worry about Jimmy G as a franchise QB? (00:32)- Think Antonio Brown still has a passion for football? (15:00)- Do Ben Roethlisberger or Mike Tomlin need to improve their leadership? (25:19)- Should Baker Mayfield have backpedaled on his criticism of Daniel Jones? (34:08)- Will Dwight Howard join LeBron in Los Angeles? (40:56)
August 23, 2019
- Is Brian Flores handling the Kenny Stills situation well? (00:32)- Is Cam’s injury more proof that the preseason needs to be fixed? (16:35)- Should Pat Shurmur be taking shots at Daniel Jones’ critics? (24:52)- Will a woman play in the NFL someday? (36:02)- Was Eric Reid’s hit on Ben Watson a cheap shot? (41:14)- Is Marshall Faulk’s criticism of Dak Prescott inspired by Zeke? (51:55)- Will Brian Flores be the first successful Belichick disciple? (1:01:16)
August 22, 2019
- Should Le’Veon Bell be criticizing Antonio Brown for his off-field antics? (00:32)- Does Stephen Jones have a bigger problem with Dak Prescott’s agent or Zeke’s? (14:44)- Do Ben Roethlisberger or Mike Tomlin need to improve their leadership? (24:59)- Does the news that Jay-Z won’t become an owner have an impact on his NFL deal? (33:49)- Should Dak Prescott take less money? (41:03)- Whitlock tips his hat to Jim Harbaugh for defending Stephen Ross amid controversy (50:55).- Should Baker Mayfield have backpedaled on his criticism of Daniel Jones? (54:37)- Will Jay-Z’s NFL deal have as big of an impact on society as his music? (1:01:26)
August 21, 2019
- Were Jerry Jones’ comments directed at Dak? (00:32)- Can Lamar Jackson become a franchise QB? (15:19)- Is Freddie Kitchens content with Baker Mayfield’s comments? (24:26)- Should Brian Flores have trolled Kenny Stills by playing Jay-z songs? (31:44)- Will Jon Gruden regret embracing AB’s behavior? (40:33)- Whitlock: Reaction to Carli Lloyd’s FG at Eagles camp is more proof social media causes us to speak without authenticity. (50:04)- Has Jerry Jones earned the right to joke with Zeke? (52:55)- Does Jerry Jones like all of the Cowboys’ contract drama? (1:01:38)
August 20, 2019
-Time to worry about Jimmy G as a franchise QB? (00:32)-Baker Mayfield calls out Giants for drafting Daniel Jones; issue with this? (15:07)-OBJ says trade to Browns was personal; agree or disagree? (22:31)-Think Antonio Brown still has a passion for football? (24:31)-Richard Sherman says playing football teaches life lessons for the real world. (35:00)-Should Zeke try to stop Cowboys from overpaying for Dak? (40:22)-Will Jimmy's poor play actually impact Dak's contract negotiations? (1:01:16)
August 19, 2019
-Antonio Brown's act wearing thin with the Raiders (:33)-How much will Josh Gordon help Tom Brady? (24:42)-Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick (36:07)-Will Dwight Howard join LeBron in Los Angeles? (46:27)-Jerry Jones addresses the Ezekiel Elliott situation (55:50)-Final thoughts on Antonio Brown (01:02:47)
August 17, 2019
-Is Dak Prescott underrated or overrated?-Can Patrick Mahomes top his MVP numbers from last season?-Should Baker Mayfield tone down his antics?-Brian Banks joins to discuss the new film based on his life.-Should Odell Beckham Jr. be responding to trolls on Instagram?-What is Patrick Mahomes' approval rating looking like?
August 16, 2019
Will the Kliff Kingsbury/Kyler Murray combination work? (00:32)Should the NFL's running backs form a separate union? (17:41)Would it be smart for the NFL to give Colin Kaepernick a job? (27:01)Is Boogie Cousins' injury a big blow for the Lakers? (37:19)What is Kyler Murray's approval rating looking like? (42:27)
August 15, 2019
Is Dak Prescott underrated or overrated? (00:32)Can Patrick Mahomes top his MVP numbers from last season? (16:25)What are the chances Jay-Z becomes an NFL owner? (23:28)Will injuries prevent Andrew Luck from reaching his full potential? (32:57)What is Patrick Mahomes' approval rating looking like? (39:29)
August 14, 2019
Will Jon Gruden's routine wear thin on Raiders players? (00:32)Should Baker Mayfield tone down his antics? (13:09)Smart for the NFL to partner with Jay-Z? (21:48)Will Dak Prescott's negotiations be a distraction? (33:23)What's Jon Gruden's approval rating looking like? (38:47)
August 13, 2019
- Should the Cowboys make Dak play out his existing rookie contract? (00:32)- Does Antonio Brown really care about his helmet? (17:28)- Brian Banks joins to discuss the new film based on his life. (25:37)- Should Odell Beckham Jr. be responding too trolls on Instagram? (33:00)- Is AB saga proof owners should avoid giving out guaranteed contracts? (39:13)- Are the Giants taking the right approach to their QB controversy? (53:42)
August 12, 2019
Who looks worse in the Raiders saga: AB or Gruden? (00:32)Does Kyler Murray have more upside than Daniel Jones? (18:46)Should Laker fans be upset by LeBron's Instagram post? (37:39)Will this be Tom Brady's final year with the Patriots? (45:46)Could Dak Prescott be hurting locker-room chemistry in Dallas? (55:31)
August 8, 2019
-Think Raiders already regret trading for AB? (00:32)-Think KD is trying to avoid conflict with the Warriors? (12:16)-Yankees & White Sox to play regular season game at site of movie "Field of Dreams" in 2020. (18:47)-Who do you feel more sorry for: Kap or Melo? (20:22)-Will Packers actually cut Aaron Rodgers "the moment he shows real signs of slippage"? (30:55)
August 7, 2019
-Whitlock says Zeke's contract dispute is with Dak, not the Cowboys; agree? (00:32)-Does Dak give Zeke more leverage than Bell had? (3:39)-Jim Harbaugh says players who skip bowl games hurt their legacy. (12:33)-Think Dak is getting bad advice? (29:09)-Bigger scapegoat if Cowboys struggle: Contract issues or Jason Garrett? (38:13)
August 6, 2019
-Think Tom Brady would be OK with this being his final season in NE? (00:19)-Can you see Brady playing in another uniform? (14:00)-Think Cowboys' stance is directed at any particular player? (16:49)-Should Zeke be happy if he's behind Todd Gurley as 2nd highest-paid RB? (26:19)-Kitchens says he'll fire any assistant who's an unnamed source in media; agree with this approach? (28:02)-Right move for Kitchens to embrace Baker's beer chug? (34:00)-Multiple NBA stars have passed on playing for Team USA in World Cup. (39:14)-Gruden "disappointed" AB continues to miss practice due to foot issue. (55:53)
August 5, 2019
-Is Baker all smoke and mirrors or will he deliver? (00:19)-Is Dak's contract dispute to blame for Zeke's holdout? (17:11)-Stephen Jackson shares thoughts on Carmelo Anthony's saga with the NBA. (28:40)-California heads toward outlawing tackle football for ages 12 and under. (41:56)-Think Tom Brady intends to play out this contract extension? (45:50)-Whitlock talks HOF speeches from Tony Gonzalez and Ed Reed. (53:11)
August 3, 2019
The BEST of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
August 2, 2019
-Will recent criticism motivate LeBron this season? (00:19)-Did Melo help his chances of an NBA comeback today? (16:15)-Issue with Big Ben's outlook on this season? (28:37)-Is the NFL trolling Steven Jackson? (37:23)-Does Griffin’s clarification about his LeBron comments mean anything? (43:52)-Problem with Lamar Jackson contradicting John Harbaugh? (57:18)
August 1, 2019
-Have NBA players influenced the behavior of NFL stars? (00:22)-Stephen Jones says they're "not going to be a market-setter" regarding contract disputes. (12:05)-Are David Griffin's comments proof that a toxic environment follows LeBron? (20:03)-Is the NFL Network's Top 100 list just a popularity contest? (35:35)-Is AD actually disappointed Kawhi joined Clippers instead of Lakers? (37:37)-Dame Lillard joins chorus of fans asking for a Carmelo Anthony "farewell tour". (40:57)-Will Jason Garrett survive this season? (54:35)
July 31, 2019
-Do LeBron's AAU antics say anything about him as a basketball player? (00:22)-Is NFL overvaluing wide receivers? (21:25)-Will the Ravens new-look offense work? (28:48)-Talk of US Women's National Team and equal pay case. (42:51)-Would you make Zeke the highest-paid RB in NFL? (54:20)
July 30, 2019
-Think Harbaugh is using the correct strategy with Lamar Jackson? (00:20)-Mistake for Jerry to put pressure on Zeke? (15:00)-Should Kyler Murray model his game after Vick? (25:40)-A number of NFL stars decide to sit out preseason games this year. (33:59)-US Soccer Federation releases statement regarding men's and women's pay. (37:35)-Are we overprotective of LeBron? (43:12)
July 29, 2019
-Mistake Jon Gruden to embrace AB's "drama"? (00:18)-Should Cowboys be worried about Zeke's holdout? (13:49)-Agree that Aaron Rodgers is overrated? (24:21)-Ready to start comparing Koepka to Tiger? (33:52)-Does LeBron need to take a step back at his son's games? (37:43)-Believe Westbrook can really play off ball with Harden? (52:22)
July 27, 2019
The BEST of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
July 25, 2019
-Are Lakers going to put up a good fight this season? (00:20)-Mistake for Steelers to take Tomlin off the hot seat? (17:55)-Which LA team do you fear the most: Lakers or Clippers? (28:02)-Do players share Steve Kerr's opinion on AD-Lakers saga? (30:39)-Should Dak leave some of his money on the table for Zeke and Amari? (42:52)-Do Brady and Belichick actually get too much credit? (52:24)
July 24, 2019
-Think Cam will be in MVP hunt this season? (00:19)-Think other players shared Cam Newton’s concerns around distractions? (16:20)-Like how Chiefs are handling Tyreek Hill? (21:13)-Agree with Steve Kerr about AD? (28:28)-Think Lakers’ drama prevented them from getting Kawhi Leonard? (49:35)-OBJ launched YouTube channel dedicated to himself yesterday; will this be a distraction? (56:40)
July 23, 2019
-Could Brady damage his unblemished legacy playing beyond this season? (00:19)-Does Le'Veon Bell have the right mindset entering this season? (13:17)-Do Lakers and Raptors look like sore losers here? (23:27)-Will Duncan take over as head coach when Popovich retires? (35:26)-Jason Brown of 'Last Chance U' joins Speak For Yourself. (42:17)-Is Aaron Rodgers getting too much respect? (56:05)
July 22, 2019
-Does the media treat Odell unfairly? (00:19)-Impressed with Pacquiao or disappointed in Thurman? (13:19)-NFL decides not to suspend Tyreek Hill in case involving son; is NFL's discipline policy too inconsistent? (20:38)-Do you want to see Pac-Floyd 2.0? (28:49)-Think being "disrespected" will fuel Odell this season? (41:34)-Is this boycott of the Hall of Fame a good strategy for Dickerson? (50:13)
July 20, 2019
The BEST of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
July 18, 2019
-Is Mike Tomlin happy Bell and AB are gone? (00:22)-How will Kyrie fit in with the new teammates? (19:59)-Josh Norman discusses "Running of the Bulls" in studio. (27:09)-How will Norman adjust to new replay rules? (35:57)-Agree with Amy Trask's approach toward NFL and NFLPA in CBA talks? (45:45)-Think NFL players feel sorry for running backs? (52:01)
July 17, 2019
- Agree with Whitlock that NFLPA should use an 18-game schedule as leverage for 50% revenue split? (:21)- Will the Vegas incident investigation hurt Zeke Elliott's contract leverage over the Cowboys? (16:45)- Is it the right move for Baker Mayfield to change his motivation? (23:05)- Who on SFY aged the best in the FaceApp challenge? (31:39)- What percentage would you put Gronk's return at? (33:47)- What advice would you give a faith-based person visiting Sin City? (38:32)- Buying a failed Clippers deal led to Marcus Morris and Rich Paul split? (42:01)- Will money issues damage the Cowboys locker room? (51:13)
July 16, 2019
- Do NFL players need to be less adversarial with ownership? (:19)- Is Dak’s looming contract at the heart of Zeke Elliott’s contract frustration? (16:28)- Concerned about Zion Williamson’s weight? (25:48)- Are you buying the Warriors don’t plan on trading D’Angelo Russell? (33:52)- Why do players care about their ‘Madden’ rating? (36:03)- Issue with Tiger Woods telling the story about Brooks Koepka ignoring his texts? (37:57)- Is hazing a negative or positive part of sports? (40:06)- Does NBA ownership respect its players more than the NFL? (43:25)- Does Golden Tate really believe Matthew Stafford is better than Russell Wilson? (52:50)
July 15, 2019
- Is it a mistake for DeMaurice Smith to be against an 18-game NFL regular season? (:16)- New Orleans Saints’ Cameron Jordan stops by to discuss major NFL topics. (18:56)- Do you think Anthony Davis is actually excited about the Lakers’ roster? (30:05)- How impressive was Patrick Mahomes launching football out of Arrowhead Stadium? (38:04)- Do you like Carsen Edwards’ motivational approach to his basketball career? (42:05)- Will Westbrook moving to SG at Houston work for the Rockets? (47:02)- Should Cowboys be concerned about Zeke’s supposed hold out? (54:21)
July 13, 2019
The BEST of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
July 12, 2019
- Smart for Rockets to dump Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook? (:13)- Should players consider an 18-game schedule? (16:00)- Is Dak's contract negotiations going poorly? (30:50)- Do you agree with Stephen Jackson that a basketball TV analyst should score 10 PPG before getting an analyst position? (44:54)- Will Westbrook's triple-double streak continue with Rockets? (49:03)- Feel bad for Chris Paul? (55:54)
July 11, 2019
- Agree with Whitlock that NBA isn’t fan-friendly? (:14) - Is it a smart move by Melvin Gordon to demand trade unless given a new contract? (12:44)- What’s the most impressive part of AB’s workout video? (20:01)- Think Carmelo Anthony ever plays in the NBA again? (28:04)- Is Nick Young saying Steve Kerr rolls best blunts in NBA a good look for Kerr? (30:41)- More impressive 2018 season:  Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes? (35:02)
July 10, 2019
- Is player control helping or hurting the NBA? (:21)- Should Cowboys “cut bait” with Dak Prescott after this season? (19:02)- Who will have a better season: Carson Wentz or Cam Newton? (28:39) - Would you want to see in-game mic’d up athletes in other sports? (35:15)- Are you following O.J. Simpson on Twitter? (42:17)- Buying optimism around Lakers? (45:41)- Should Tyreek Hill be suspended following the latest audio release? (52:24) - Is it a good idea for the NBA to allow coaches to challenge plays? (55:07)
July 9, 2019
- Did Kawhi’s move to the Clippers kill the LeBron era? (:12)- Can Russell Westbrook reinvent himself? (20:16)- Nick Swisher joins SFY to discuss if baseballs are getting juiced. (31:10)- Who won the Tweet battle between Marcellus Wiley and Ice Cube? (33:38)- Should Lakers be concerned about the Kardashian curse? (38:34)- Does the NBA have a better offseason than the NFL? (42:45)- Is Baker too polarizing to be the face of the NFL? (47:25)- Whitlock says USWNT wants reparations, not equal pay. (54:41)- Are new-look Clippers the best team in the NBA? (58:30)
July 6, 2019
The BEST of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
July 5, 2019
- Is obsession with Kawhi’s decision more about him or LeBron? (:14)- Will Kawhi ever be considered a top-10 all-time player? (13:06)- Will Zion Williamson have a LeBron-like impact on NBA? (17:42)- Foolish for KD to leave GS over small beef? (28:37)- Any issue with Peyton Manning turning down MNF because of Eli Manning? (38:20)- Which active athlete best represents America? (43:49)- Would being a backup QB hurt Eli Manning’s legacy? (47:27) - Where will Kawhi end up? (53:15)
July 4, 2019
- Would signing with the Lakers make Kawhi a polarizing figure? (:15) - Does the NBA really need villains? (13:14)- Think the Warriors actually felt betrayed by Durant? (18:11)- Think Ezekiel Elliott finally learned his lesson? (33:05)- What celebrity would you bring out to get Kawhi on your team? (38:33)- Do the Americans have an image problem? (43:55)- Will Jerry Jones’ presence help or hurt CBA negotiations? (48:58)- Do you blame the Knicks for backing out of Kawhi Leonard meeting? (56:30)
July 2, 2019
- Would Kawhi joining the Lakers be a weak move? (:17)- Does the NBA need a LeBron/Kawhi crosstown rivalry? (8:42)- What was the Warriors’ motivation behind retiring KD’s #35 jersey? (17:02)- Is it a 20-person Pro Football HoF class a good idea for NFL’s 100th season? (27:17) - What made Jason Whitlock change his hairstyle? (37:22)- Any issues with fans and media questioning athletes’ salaries? (43:04)- Is Kareem Hunt talking to police after a “small argument” at a bar something or nothing? (47:08)- Whitlock on why it’s time to ignore Colin Kaepernick. (52:43)- Do you have a problem with the Blazers’ negotiating style? (55:51)
July 1, 2019
- Were the Knicks smart to adjust their free agency plans? (:13)- Is James Dolan stopping the Knicks from getting on track? (3:25)- Will Kyrie and KD combo work in Brooklyn? (11:19)- Did the Warriors actually have the best first day of free agency? (16:22)- Would Kawhi to the Lakers actually hurt LeBron's legacy? (25:22)- Will Gronk’s current physique remove hope he will return to the NFL? (35:21)- Is it hard to balance religion with playing professional sports? (40:12)- NFL ‘Hot Clock’ (44:08)- Megan Rapinoe’s authenticity separates her from Kaepernick (50:27)- Who wins the Eastern Conference? (53:10)
June 15, 2019
The BEST of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
June 12, 2019
- More to blame for KD's decision: social media culture or sports culture (:14)- OK with KD's mom addressing his injury on national TV? (17:43)- Do course conditions for the U.S. Open look favorable for Tiger Woods? (23:45)- Will Brooks Koepka win his third consecutive U.S. Open? (25:19)- Will this be the best "Hard Knocks" season ever? (33:14)- Any issues with teams running up the score on inferior opponents? (38:12)- Reactions to KD getting surgery to repair Achilles (50:37)
June 11, 2019
- Did the Warriors arrogance and desperation lead to Kevin Durant's injury? (:11)- Does Steve Kerr look bad in the KD saga? (14:34)- Did the Raptors choke in Game 5? (22:23)- Will KD's injury change the NBA forever? (28:58)- Does Justin Bieber really want to fight Tom Cruise? (38:45)- How should famous people handle internet trolls? (44:32)- Did KD prove critics wrong by playing injured? (47:48)- Are Raptors fans taking too much heat for Game 5? (57:45)
June 8, 2019
The BEST of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
June 6, 2019
- Does the NBA need to hand down more discipline on part-time Warriors? (:14)- More impressed by Raptors or Steph Curry in Game 3? (23:47)- Convinced Warriors are still winning the title? (30:25)- Who looks worse in the fiasco between Le'Veon Bell and his girlfriends? (34:43)- Is Paul Pierce's story about the wheelchair incident at the '08 NBA Finals believable? (41:55)- Who would you pay $1,000 to eat lunch with? (46:51)- Did DeMarcus Cousins lose money with Game 3's performance? (56:37)
June 5, 2019
- Does Steph Curry need a signature Finals moment to be an all-time great? (:14)- Can Steph lead the injury-riddled Warriors to a Game 3 win? (11:46)- Will Lakers’ offseason plan work? (18:05)- Is Andre Iguodala a Hall of Famer? (26:19)- Should Patriots fans be freaking out about Tom Brady’s IG post? (33:52)- Is comparing Cardi B and Jay-Z accurate? (39:45)- How will Le’Veon Bell fit on Jets with Adam Gase? (49:00)- Whitlock reacts to news of golf instructor Hank Hankey’s suspension from SiriusXM (53:42)- Does Kevin Durant have the mental makeup for NY? (56:40)
June 4, 2019
- Would LeBron hijacking the Lakers be a good thing? (:13)- Could LeBron leave the Lakers this offseason? (8:46)- Can the Lakers acquire Anthony Davis? (21:15)- LaVar Ball stops by to discuss Lakers, LeBron, Lonzo, BBB, etc. (30:54)- Reaction to Kevin Durant's new Nike shirt. (39:06)- Should kids look up to Jay-Z? (43:31)- Bad look for JuJu Smith-Schuster to dance to a "**** AB" chant at fan's prom? (48:11)- Should the term "owner" outdated in sports? (51:14)- How concerned should the Warriors be about injuries derailing their 3-peat? (54:15)
June 3, 2019
- Did the Warriors diminish their dynasty after adding Kevin Durant? (:13) - Should Rockets fire Mike D'Antoni? (22:04) - Is it a good idea for the NFL to move to an 18-game regular season? (29:47) - Did Anthony Joshua take his heavyweight title bout seriously? (37:00) - Is there a major problem in Cleveland? (47:52) 
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