I’ll pass
What’s up with Mrs. Potts and a grown Chip reading sentences back and forth? It’s awful - won’t be listening because of it which is a shame because the content was intriguing.
Jack meyoff
Those re-enactments ruin an otherwise mediocre podcast.
Found a good one!
Heard about you this n Southern Fried True Crime. Love the back and forth narration and the stories. Keep them coming! 👍🏻🙂
I like the stories, but feel like harder work needs to be put into pronouncing places and names. I teach Arkansas History an was curious about the Murder of Clayton podcast. Through out the episode Pine Bluff was pronounced as “Pine BluffS.”
Constructive Criticism
Wendy’s voice is too hard to listen to for this type of content. Put her on a different podcast and maybe get Vanessa or someone onto this one, because seriously Wendy’s voice alone was what caused me to unsubscribe. Also maybe fix the re-enactments/dramatizations or ditch them they’re also godawful. Otherwise the actual content is great it just is too hard to listen to...
Great work
Love the writing and the hosts! Please keep it going. Guess that means I want there to be more unsolved murders out there- and that makes me an awful person, lol
Re-enactments are unnecessary
The hosts and stories are great but the “reenactments” are so bad, it makes it hard to listen to.
Stop the acting pleaseee
The stories are interesting- the voice acting is hilariously bad
Not the best podcast
I don’t mean to be rude but the lady host is super annoying to listen to. Her voice is scratchy. It sounds like she smokes four packs of cigarettes before she records. The re-enactments are also really weird and it makes it hard for me to lose myself in the story. I do enjoy hearing about cases I haven’t heard of. I just wish you’d change the host and lose the skits.
Today’s episode
Was it removed? I listened to half of it this morning and now I can’t find it.
Re-enactments are awful
It’s like a local theater production or a vintage radio show. The narrative is fine- it’s the b-rated actors the kill the podcast.
Womans voice is annoying
Get ride of the lady and youre on to something. Sorry just cant handle her voice. Needs a cough drop.
Corny but okay
Amista B
The narration of “reenactments” can definitely go. It’s cheesy and unnecessary. I skip past it. The opening statement says they “try to solve the case” but really the episodes are just a retelling of known facts. There’s nothing that leads me to believe they’re actually trying to solve anything. Everything is scripted, and I prefer podcast with more of a conversational flow where things are actually discussed between people.
Best Podcast Ever!!!
Mo Lamkin!!
I absolutely love this podcast! Every part of it is masterfully made! Thanks so much for making this!!!
Love it!
I’m addicted, I love how they discuss the cases and add some skits.
Story Time
Great cases but the narration reminds me of Storytelling hour in Kindergarten- just with involved murders. Awful -makes it tough to listen to.
Too cheesy
I like the idea of trying to recreate the old radio style of entertainment, but the episodes are edited with some serious cheese overkill, and my ears are feeling lactose intolerant.
Stephanie DeSantis
I don’t mind listening to the guy narrate, but hate the overly cheesy female narrator. The voices used in the re-enactments are always awful. The stories are good, but it’s hard to listen to.
It’s pretty gud
Re-enactments ruin it
The re-enactments are cheesy and could be done better. Women always sound like children.
love it
love it!!!
Come on Parcast..
This one isn’t my favorite.. I listen to pretty much all Parcast shows.. this one just bothers me..
Unoriginal content. Today 7/23 their episode was released, it is the same exact case as Jensen and Holes the murder squad. Jensen and Holes episode was released yesterday 7/22, theirs was released today. A very strange coincidence.
Good, But...
Why do they use a female actor that always sounds like an adult, trying to puns like a little girl? No matter hat part she’s playing, she sounds like that. Really distracting.
A Poor Attempt to Sensationalize Murders
I’m a frequent listener of My Favorite Murder, but when I’m caught up on those episodes, I listen to this. The narrators aren’t afraid to tell the stories of more gruesome murders I find interesting, but the storytelling itself is overdramatic and sensationalized. Specific events are made less factual in an attempt to tell a riveting story. This podcast fails to do so as we don’t know what victims’ thoughts were or precisely all of their movements. It is made even worse by the persistently cheesy and unprofessional voice acting that sounds overly scripted and uses the same small handful of actors in every single episode.
this podcast scares me!🥶 i love it so much though!! and it’s on soundcloud!
Cali Girli
CThe so-called actresses/actors are so super CHEESY, it’s extremely cringeworthy!! I HATE this podcast!!!These voice actors are over dramatic and totally unnecessary ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️DO NOH WASTE YOUR TIME‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
every episode is from early 1900’s
I wish they covered cases that weren’t from so long ago
I really like your podcast and would have totally have given you a 5 star review however, your constant request for a 5 star reviews makes me not want to listen to your podcasts any more! Ask for a review that’s ok but please stop asking for a 5 star review that’s up to the listener not you all. It instantly made me think negatively about your podcast and I turned away wen I first heard it until I thought that I may give it a try. Constructive feedback is valuable so welcome it positive feedback feels better but if you want to grow listen to the constructive ones too and ask for them! Joshua
Narration brings it down
The narrators!!! Annoying. I want to lose myself in the story, not be jarred to reality by a poor narration
Good but not great
I enjoy this podcast, especially its emphasis on older cases I would never have heard of elsewhere. But in the episodes on the “Scottish Nightingale,” the narrators complained so much about the racism of nearly everyone associated with the case, it distracted from the story they were telling. I don’t need to be constantly reminded that racism is evil - I already know that. Instead of allowing me to digest the obvious harm of the racism inflicted on Wong (in which case, it would have been far more potent and effective), I kept thinking, “why do the narrators keep coming back to this?” I became focused on the storytellers, not the story. A good storyteller doesn’t have to tell the audience what to think - just show us what happened, and let us make our own decisions about what’s evil and what’s not. The constant reminders that everyone was racist sounded more like virtue signaling than honest storytelling. If this occurs in many more episodes, I’ll stop listening.
Isabelle Riddle
For a company with a production budget as large as there’s I gotta say the quality is really lacking. While I enjoy the subject matter of most of their shows, I find the opinionated narrators and overly-scripted storytelling absolutely off-putting. And the re-enactments are so tacky and poorly delivered the episodes are at times hard to listen to. Not for me...
Terrible Reenactment
It’s a great Podcast just the reenactment is not good at all.
Went a tad downhill
Honestly loved this pod cast especially season 1 which was my favorite however I feel like their stories have gotten a tad Boring. I hope they spruce it up. I’d also love to hear more recent unsolved murders. Other than that i love the narrators and the change of voices for each character! Hopefully it gets better and I will change this to 5 stars lol
Horrible voice actors! 🙉
The voice actors are horrible and don’t even bother trying to put on the appropriate accents for the story...bleh.
The male narrator sounds bored...
It’s distracting and annoying.
Amber Pulliam
Your podcast makes my morning drive to work exciting!!!!
stop the skits!
The voice actors are awful and the dialogue is terrible and contrived. listen to Easey Street pt. 2 if you don’t believe me.
☆S α я r i η α☆
I’ve been trying to get into podcasts and I’ve been looking for some good murder porn with no luck finding anything. Until I came across this one! The actors add a great imagination to the episodes! Listen to it every morning!
Re enactments are annoying.
Read it straight, Wendy.
Lost a star because of the voice actors’ limited range. They play the same character regardless off the period, location, and roll of the person being depicted. Lost another star because of Wendy’s reading of copy especially the tag line “if we live ‘till next time.” *cringe
Questionable Investigating
I am closely tied to one of the cases they reviewed, and there was simple information that was not researched correctly. Wrong names, locations, and information that is widely and easily available (multiple books written and published where the information is available).
Love the voice actors. Add depth to the stories
somewhat interesting
the voice acting is god awful, it makes it nearly unlistenable. it is an acceptable podcast, but it’s not good.
Re-enactments are ridiculous
I like the story telling by the two hosts but the re-enactments are unfunny and ruin the suspense of a true crime podcast. They’re cringe worthy
Love this podcast
The only issue I have is that the recreations are hokey. Otherwise I love the stories and that they don’t go off topic or laugh and make jokes like other true crime podcasts do.
Y’all. The acting on this podcast is SO. BAD.
I’ve been subscribed for a while, and I keep coming back because for the most part the stories they pick are interesting (I’m an avid consumer of true crime stories and most of these are new to me) and the writing for the main hosts is decent. However. The acting. You guys. The acting. At first I thought it was because it was a newer podcast so they were using whatever voice actors they could find, but they’ve kept with more or less the same cast and it hasn’t gotten better. And honestly, sometimes I can’t tell if it’s the actors fault or they just have terrrrible writing to deal with. Or maybe the producers are doing a favor to some struggling actor friends? Whatever the case, the “re-enactment” portions of the show are sometimes painful to listen to. I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the show with the foley effects and the fact that they’re able to crank out shows on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, but dear GOD. Get your voice actors into a class, stat.
I really wanted to love this podcast
I was excited when I started listening to the Unsolved Murders podcast but the voiceover acting and script is terrible. Interesting stories but struggling to listen past the acting.
Good story telling
The narrators do a great job of telling the stories of these unsolved murders. I like that they don’t get distracted with side conversations/inside jokes. Makes it much easier to follow along.
Great podcast
I love the dual host! If you guys need a new unsolved case...look into the 8 ladies that were murdered in Jennings La. there was a book written about it and ID channel just did a 2 part documentary. Case is still unsolved.
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