I love this podcast and listened to season one and two. Are the episodes in season three new or are they episodes from season one and two?
This is a drug and I am on it
Paige loves frogs
Missed you, Malcom!
Life is good again! You are the best of the best!
Warning: this podcast is addictive and may be salubrious for your mind
YESSSS!!! So excited that a new season of Mr. Gladwell has finally arrived. AND there’s “Solvable”, Mr. G’s new podcast collaboration. “God’s in his heaven; all’s well with the world.”
Season 4! Welcome back, Malcolm
season 4 is here and this message remains true: Malcolm doesn’t need my review but I’m posting anyway. Always worth listening to.
Can’t get enough
I love this show. Love it. It doesn’t just give me information, it gives me skills in approaching information in a different way. Sort of a give a fish/teach to fish situation. And I love MG’s honesty; I love that he is personally fascinated by the topics he covers. And they are fascinating topics. Thank you, please make many more shows!
Gladwell is a hack and a scam artist
Title says it all.
Wow...glad & well
A hitory buff
Malcolm Gladell, one of the most interesting thinkers of our time, always deliver, and with this podcast he did it again. Each episode, he takes us on a journey exploring a major or minor event in history but from different angels never been explored before. All that while delivering a world class entertainment.
I love this podcast. It brings up topics that are so interesting and Malcolm takes a deep and curious dive into all of them! Thank you for making these so amazing!
Pretty interesting
When hearing about a random topic it can be very enlightening and informative. When one actually knows a lot about the topic at hand, the reaction can be more like “what a load of bollocks!” That’s how I felt when listening to the country music episode. Malcom confuses top-40/pop with rock. There’s plenty of depressing material in rock, just not in the top-40. I’ll keep listening though!
Thank you Mr. Gladwell
Thank you for the enormous effort that must go into each and every episode. It is truly amazing how the act of listening can can so effectively help one to "see". Few podcasts are as informative without evidencing any bias except for the truth.
Gromit Esq
I could have easily given a higher rating for this episode... Season 1 Episode 5 but unfortunately I was listening to individuals being interviewed, from a quality university, peppering their commentary with the usage of “like”... as in “like the food is substandard”... The show could have easily found interviewees with stronger communication skills. This was Vassar! I stopped listening because my ears were in pain.
Greatest podcast ever
Glad to see my favorite podcast of all time back for another season
You said what I know
I teach high school in Virginia. We are deluged with mandated testing. Interestingly, there is no time limit for the mandated tests. Those who do poorly in class tend to do poorly on the mandated tests. The tortoise/hare analogy only works if you assume equal preparation, focus, and persistance. While timed tests do disadvantage the tortoise; they also clearly identify the poorly prepared. Perhaps that is one advantage worth preserving.
Season 4? Yes...please
I love all of Malcolm Gladwell books and if he was willing to do a season 4 that would be much appreciated.
Puzzle Rush
Great episode. But I gotta say, best listened to at 1.2-1.5x speed.
It’s not neutral or impartial: It’s brilliant.
Malcolm Gladwell goes my list of dream guests for the most fascinating dinner conversations. If you’re reading this, Malcolm, you’re invited to our place for a delicious meal in Portland, Oregon anytime! I love this Podcast: Hands down my favorite series out there. It’s not impartial or neutral - it delivers direct facts about history that have been revised and asserts a more righteous way to see the story in light of the uncovered truth.
One of my favorites
I'm a huge fan of Malcolm Gladwell's books, and I love his podcast. At the end of every Revisionist History season, I go through a form of audio withdrawal and hopelessly search for some form of replacement. If you have never listened to Revisionist History, I envy you because you will get to listen to each and every episode and be enlightened. Enjoy!
Oh no.... you are slowing down as you get more famous....
The new husband project
dear Malcom, I’m a HUGE fan!!!! (read it all and heard it all) but I must say you maybe getting a bit cocky with season 3! (The “I’m back baby!!” on the trailer was the first sign) Don’t stall us... in season 1 this entire episode would have been told in 15 minutes... I love your style of packing lots of complex information into simple passages and getting to the unexpected conclusion... and not treating me like I’m dumb... so keep doing it! P.s. - tell me already who did better at the LSAT! I’m not listening to be hooked for the next episode, I get hooked because I’m listening...
Thomas Ford
Start with season one. They are so well done I wish there were more. Or work your way back in time. They are are delightful even if one doesn’t feel they would be interested in the subject. It’s the podcast I crave the most. Thank you Malcolm!
I love how season 4 begins!
Mr. MathLaughlin
As an educator and as a law school graduate, I love how season 4 is beginning! Keep going after the LSAT, Malcolm, and then help us get rid of all of our other nonsense timed standardized tests!
Puzzle rush
I loved this episode and how it highlights our obsession with testing as a measure of intelligence.
Gladwell makes a hell of a podcast.
Thank you.
skert skerrrrrrrt
From the depths of illiteracy and sadness Malcom Gladwell raised me up and gave me season four of Revisionist History. Thank you.
I didn’t realize how much I loved this podcast until it took a short hiatus. SO happy it’s back!!
He’s Back!
So happy to see episode 1 of season 4 in my feed this morning. What took so long! As usual, a provocative episode. I still think about past episodes and passages from Gladwell’s books. He likes to take subjects that we all take for granted (in this case standardized tests) and asks “why?”I loved hearing about the fireman who became a law professor (from Cleveland, 50 miles from my hometown) who does testing differently in his classroom so those who are slow and thoughtful can shine. Can’t wait to find out who won the LAT! Also love the music.
Unique and insightful
I can’t really describe how much I look forward to each episode. Malcolm is a fantastic researcher and host and makes you think every single time.
By far the best podcast out there!!!! The best ever!
I enjoy listening to this podcast and each time I learn something new. Of course there some episodes that I prefer lore than others but overall a great podcast.
Nothing compares to this
No movie, series or any form of entertainment comes anywhere close to how good this podcast is. It’s everything you need.
Favorite podcast
Most interesting podcast by a landslide. You’ll learn something every episode.
Darwin Award
Episode 8 is an exercise is analyzing Darwin Award winners.
Love this podcast
I would trade my left arm to be Malcolm Gladwell's right hand man.
The only podcast you’ll ever need.
Smartly researched. Artfully produced. Insanely interesting. I’m always amazed at the things I didn’t know and the stories behind them. This podcast is so good!
Love the podcast, hate the random non RH podcasts I get with it
Per the topic. Just give me RH podcasts, no other crap
Best Podcast Going
I am fascinated and learn something every time. Truly great.
I agree, “he stopped loving her today” is a tear jerker, “Sam Stone” is the saddest song ever written. :)
Must hear podcast
Topics are interesting in their own rights but the twists and turns each episode takes are the stuff of good history, the things that make history interesting, complicated, worthwhile and important. Humans are odd and complex, and our collective history is messy. Gladwell tries neither to clean it up nor sanitize it. And his delivery -- partly bemused, disbelieving, and outraged narrative often in a single episode -- is well-matched to the content.
Gladwell is FANTASTIC
From one of the great introspective authors of our time comes the podcast Revisionist History. Having thoroughly enjoyed and been enlightened by seasons 1, 2, & 3, I’m looking forward to season 4 with great anticipation. If you haven’t listened before, at least jump into season 3 and listen to The Hug Heard Round the World. It will open your eyes and make you a fan!
Don’t miss this
This is one of the best podcasts! Malcom Gladwell is not only an amazing storyteller but also his voice is so easy to listen to. I’ve listened to all the episodes multiple times. Can’t wait for season 4.
Very educational
I love this series although I do love certain episodes more then others overall the series is fantastic! I’m patiently awaiting the new season!
Absolutely fantastic
Frostbite 8
Gladwell can’t go wrong, it seems. This podcast really mirrors his written works in that it asks simple questions with illuminating answers. Can’t wait to hear more!
My brain cells thank you!
Please record another season! Laura
All downhill after season 1.
Don’t bother. Topics become epically dull.
Gods Voice
His voice is what god must sound like!!! I could listen to his voice forever :)
Love this podcast
This podcast is educational, entertaining, and sometimes infuriating. But in a good way. Highly recommended for anyone that likes to think for themselves.
Best of the best.
I’ve listened to S1-S4 more than 5times now. Can’t wait for S5. None of my other podcast so far can match Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History, top of my list since it came out. Can’t get enough of this. Thank you very much, Malcolm.
The best podcast ever one of my greatest indulgence
Roatan Cool Breeze
I listen and share Mr. Gladwell’s podcast with all of my friends. I refer to this wonderful podcast as movies for my ears extremely interesting and informative my days would not be the same without it thank you. Sincerely: Wayne H. Anderson
My hero
Malcom Gladwell is my favorite human to roam the current planet. He is a genius! The way he thinks, speaks and writes impress me everyday. Love this poscast, it gives us a whole new perspective on the best things. Five stars forever!
Absolutely amazing!
The kind of podcast that you just can’t stop listening to! I love it!
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