be carnes
I love Gene and Shereen! This podcast is so thoughtful and timely- well researched, with good story telling. I often use pertinent episodes to illustrate concepts in my Sociology classes and I recommend them to my students. Thank you for the excellent work!
Insightful and entertaining
Real and highly entertaining talk on intersectional issues of race, culture, ethnicity with humor, wit and keen insight.
Great program
Excellent discussions on race and culture that’s in it enough for POC and non confrontational enough for (most) anglos.
Same problem with Fresh Air! Too annoying!!! I have to resubscribe every day to Fresh Air and then zombie Code Switch possesses the podcast and Fresh Air disappears from my library.
Wrong subscription
~film fan
Help! For months I’ve been trying subscribe to Fresh air and keep getting subscribed to this podcast. Obviously there’s something wrong on your server or fresh air’s server. Please fix.
Podcast feed still not right
Ted Heise
June 3 and this annoyance continues. :( As of May 14, still having Code Switch pop up instead of Fresh Air, anytime I refresh Fresh Air.
Right or wrong
Wether I agree or not it always makes me think
Love this episode
Entertaining and thought-provoking
One of the best. Expand your horizons.
This podcast is usually timely, thoughtful and provocative. I felt that one of my favorite podcasts was replaced by a cooking show. This episode was disappointingly shallow with a few minutes of conversation about intersectionality.
One of the best society and culture pods out there. The stories covered are fascinating and voices included are those you often don’t hear from. The hosts are very likeable and seem normal and honest. I think Code Switch is doing very important journalism.
Everyone should listen. Incredible hosts, deeply informative and respectful content. Thank you guys!
Code switch
As of May 16th still have Code Switch pop up instead of Fresh Air. Please fix, very annoying.
Fix the podcasts
fix the podcasts
The podcasts are still jumbled. Fresh Air is deleted daily and Code Switch appears in it’s place.
Very educational
Jackie Albers
While I can't directly relate to the majority of the content, I really value learning about the history of activism for events that I didn't know took place. Each episode opens my eyes and I enjoy the details that are explored.
Love it
New Nashville
I love this!!!!
Podcast? This is my favorite NPR radio show
Page Larkin
Podcast? This is my favorite NPR radio show re-packaged as a so called “Podcast” Love Fresh Air and Terry Gross.
Automatic Download
Dozens of this podcast were just downloaded to my library without my say so. A gigantic pain to delete every single one.
iTunes keep replacing this feed with Story Corps
Please fix this glitch!
What happened to Code Switch??
Apple Podcasts took my Code Switch subscription and wrapped it into Fresh Air without any warning! How disappointing - a bit of a heads up regarding the restructuring would have gone a long way. I’ve unsubscribed-I don’t have the mental bandwidth for all that Fresh Air covers-but I will finish listening to the Code Switch episodes I had downloaded before the merger. Peace.
Appreciate you!
PNW boomer
As Gene says often “I appreciate you”! Thank you for a “woke” podcast that informs with interesting interviews and commentaries. As a 57-year-old mixed race woman, I have learned so much I did t know I needed to know (like what woke means). I get educated without having to embarrass myself with what are probably basic questions (also didn’t know Latinx and cis-gender or the explanatory comma for that matter!) I keep listening hoping I might be considered woke one day by my young brothers and sisters.
Always Insightful
This is easily my favorite podcast. I've been listening from the beginning and have enjoyed 99% of the episodes and always look forward to each one. Hard to pick faves but I especially appreciated the one about black characters in horror movies. I am a fan of the genre but the analysis provided by the professor on the topic was mind-blowing and made me think, "Of course! It all makes sense!" Now her observations seem so obvious. There are also others like the one about the explanatory comma. I enjoyed that one and didn't really think much about it and was surprised to hear how much some people felt strongly against it. It's really helpful when this kind of information is shared because even though it can be somewhat jarring to hear about backlash to something you don't think is controversial AT ALL, it helps you understand where others are coming from though this is also in large part to a great production team. As for some constructive feedback, use fewer academics. As good as they often are, there are other experts out there.
Best ever Podcast!
Y’all blow my mind every time. Your stories are informative, timely, real and infused with respect and dignity. Thank you for making podcast about race, identity and culture that represents our larger black and brown identities real and dope. I appreciate you. #codeswitchisdope
667: Wartime Radio
Racq the Belle
This episode was well done and I enjoyed it, but LOL at Ira saying “I guess that’s what America does these days; make people work for free,” as if America doesn’t have a long history of slavery.
Episode on how to talk about Israel
I was presently surprised with the balance of the episode . You guys did an excellent job of addressing why it’s so dangerous for some ... (not me) to criticize the human rights violations and other issues involving Israel . Good work folks
Good but could be better
Really interesting podcast with valuable insights. Great job uncovering the day-to-day impact of racism in America, and helping listeners understand how and why endemic racism exists and how its unfairness manifests in our society. Still, I think the podcast could take more risks. They should push the show toward a more open dialogue by inviting people with differing opinions. To give an example, there was an episode arguing that pitbulls are demonized as a byproduct of racism, proven in part by stories in Sports Illustrated. This is presented as fact and goes unchallenged. Why not have a conversation with the writers/editors of those stories? Maybe there’s something more to understand? There’s a lot to learn from this show but there should also be some willingness to challenge the narrative with counter opinions. It would make for a more compelling podcast.
Mostly Love It, But...
lady luvvvva
I’m disappointed that there was never any focus on Black islands hit by hurricanes. Additionally, sometimes, I feel like Shereen is reaching.
Great Pod!
Excellent pod that covers hard to talk about racial issues. Content skews toward issues facing African Americans. I would like to see more content facing other races.
Love this podcast!
I just binged 5 episodes and l’m hooked. Great research from the facilitators and guests. This show does not addresses race but it does not camp out in victim hood. Excellent conversation starter.
I loved that you talked about vegans from other cultures as a Colombian vegan, im keeping my traditions but leaving meat out or using vegan meat and cheeses.
SF State Episode
Thank you for the episode about San Francisco State. I grew up in the Bay Area and lived in SF for a decade and never knew this piece of its history in such depth. Proud of the place I still call home.
One of my favorite podcasts. I love how they mix history with current news and educate in a non-preachy way. We need more of these conversations.
This is a vital podcast ❤️
thoughtful, well said, makes me think!!
ive only listened to a few episodes so far, and i already love it. before i listened, i saw a lot of angry one star reviews about the first episode; I now know that those reviews are probably just angry yt people who are uncomfortable talking about their race as an “identity.” As a white jewish-american woman, I love these types of conversations, even IF they make me uncomfortable. sometimes, it’s okay to be uncomfortable. this is DEFINITELY one of those times!!
Gene needs to work on his sexism
There is a huge controversy going on in the knitting community right now and the story was pitched to code switch and Gene dismissed them as some girl thing not worthy of the gum on his shoe. He mocked them and was very rude. women of color are having a very real discussion about racism that effects thier lives, business and thier voices. Shame on code switch for participating in such a blatent display of sexism
Code switch
Love code switch! it makes my hour drive to work bearable!!
Neato show
In-depth perspectives
Thoughtful, courageous & Smart.
Needle Diamond
Sometimes uncomfortable always thoughtful and engaging. They courageously and carefully examine identity always with a multifaceted and intersectional approach.
Excellent and vital, especially for white people like me
Code switch provides a vital discussion of the issues of the day which are influenced by racial dynamics. I enjoy the hosts and their interaction, but the best parts are their guests and the nuanced discussion of life in the US for people of color.
Best podcast
I have been listening since the first episode aired. Brilliant, deep, messy conversations about race that somehow stays funny and fun. Subscribe. Listen. Learn.
Code Switch
Always a pleasure to listen & learn from this shows subject matter. Very relevant for every human-being.
Insightful look at race and its politics in America.
White dude review.
f*ck your unique nickname
Pretty amazing. It's like having an eye opening conversation with a colorful friend, but throw in a researcher. I think you'll like it.
Timely talk
A listener in the little apple
I learn something every time I tune in. I appreciate how Code Switch takes on tough questions and provides thoughtful, informed answers.
Great Podcast!
I just listened to my first episode, Pretty Hurts. It was a great listen. Looking forward to hearing more!
Great Podcast!
Love the way the hosts bring in so many perspectives. This show is refreshing, thought provoking, and powerful. Thank you for giving a much needed platform to so many voices.
Pretty Hurts
Really disappointed in the lack of representation for other women of color concerning this topic! Is this show only representing one POC group now?? Recent episodes seem to be dominated by issues concerning the Latin X community. Is this evidence of sloppy work or divisions amongst POC?
A different perspective
S&G have helped me understand a different point of view and appreciate the triumphs and struggles of others. Thank you! As a new Boo, this podcast gives things to think about and talk about with my Bae.
The best podcast show
I learn so much every time. Thank you for challenging and growing your listeners. We love evolving!
Important topic very poor execution
A lot of bashing and loving this one. I’ll start off by saying that the conversation topics discussed are so important, and I am ecstatic that a lot of the tough issues around race in America are discussed. I am (for the record) a first generation Hispanic with a bi-racial and bi-cultural fiancé (Mexican and Arabic). Now to get to the rating. I give this podcast 1 star for a few important reasons. Confirmation bias. This podcast seems to be a soapbox for the hosts to invite people who agree with their points of view. Rarely do I hear guests with genuinely contrasting perspectives for discussion. Incredibly and unnecessarily emotionally charged. The topic is a gold mine. I can’t stand how almost emotional each episode is. It is one thing to be passionate. It is another to be ranting almost every episode. It takes away so much from the message. No, I don’t mean passionate. I mean emotional. I stopped listening to this podcast not because I didn’t appreciate the discussion topics discussed, but because I grew to resent the 30-50 minutes I’d spend listening to the podcast to hear a bunch of group think from a set of hosts that seem to default to the loudest voice in the room. Honestly, inviting guests that push back hard on the hosts would be a fantastic thing. Raw un-challenged emotional dialogue never did anyone any good. Please step up your game.
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