Most important podcast in the universe
You should all be listening. I’m talking to you, Kaitlin and Johnny and Jimmy and Paul and Peter.
Norris on Finance bros
Josh calling finance bros “people that don’t treat people nice” was actual gold
Best NFL Podcast In Existence
Incredible insight on a regular basis.
Great Podcast
Hey I’m just chillin is that the one cup you are in and I don’t know what to say about you.
Love Josh
Love Josh, so down to earth and entertaining. Maybe because he has the sense of humor I enjoy, but could listen to hours of the Pod. Roto Pat is a French Chef kiss.
The Great British Baking Show of Fantasy Football Podcasts
Every time I listen, I feel like I’m with friends. These guys always get along and are fun and super smart. This is feel good fantasy knowledge for your brain and soul. And shoutout to cool people who love old Lucas Arts Adventure games like Josh Norris.
Great podcast!
I didn’t realize it was possible but I am now even higher on Andy Isabella as a prospect for this draft. I am very intrigued by the RSP now as well. @maatspencer on twitter
Top notch
Josh is a great host and consistently delivers top notch content. His most recent pod with Waldman was no exception. Highly recommend
Absolute Mist Listen!
Josh is a fabulous host! Even better that Raymond....😜 Great energy and insight! Love the work Josh does with metric based scouting for certain position groups. A must add podcast to your rotation!
Josh never fails
Great content all the time. Approaches the game in a sophisticated but simple way. Love how he processes the process ;)
Great Football Content
This is my favorite podcast for all things football, not just fantasy. I feel smarter after listening to this podcast. Great guests like Matt Waldman and Evan Silva only enhance the great content that Josh Norris brings every episode.
Matt Waldman RSP
I loved your podcast with Matt Waldman. He’s one of my favorite sources for talent evaluation. Matt is definitely cut from a different cloth than anyone else in fantasy football media. I’ve heard him elsewhere but you seemed to have brought something extra out of him. -@spitsgame
A 3 Sigma podcast
Josh is a great host and kings of affability Rotopat, Rich and Raymond make it enjoyable every time
Love the DBZ call-outs!
Josh is a phenomenal host! This show has great variety, from discussing "traditional" topics like news, trades, and player values, to interviews with draft eligible players and discussions with other analysts in the industry. Josh does a great job making the discussions interesting, with some really fun off-topic conversations about movies, music, and childhood TV shows (very often DBZ!). Well worth subscribing to this podcast!
Waldman pod was amazing!
Josh is a great, informative host. And i love how many educated and informative guests he has on. Waldmans podcast was amazing. Second best to only the roundtable podcast with multiple guests Josh had breaking down how front offices would draft prior to last years draft. Cheers Josh! Keep up the amazing work.
My favorite Hakeem Butler podcast
Big jars of clay FAN
My favorite draft process podcast to listen too because Josh and his guests always come out with something fresh in every episode. Silva and Waldman are who I value the most. Went to Iowa State Hakeem Butler is the truth, he’s going be a problem for NFL Dbs. People saying he didn’t breakout until he was 22? His 2017 tape is full of big time receptions and he improved his route tree as well.
Great Draft information
A great podcast. Recent, Monday 4/8/19, with Matt Waldman was awesome!! U have to enjoy Josh’s dry senses of humor and outlook on football. Hopefully I am the winner of the RSP @mattwaldman
sugar ludes
Great show.
Matt Waldman Episode
Great episode! You always give great insight, but I really enjoyed hearing from Matt Waldman. I was not previously familiar with his work. His analogies were spot on and relatable, plus his takes/ranking were different than I have read everywhere else. Often it is the same rankings from different sources, his perspective was refreshing. I want to check out more of his stuff. Thanks for another great episode.
Josh is gr8
Love this pod
Genuine enthusiasm, genuine genius
I’ve used the Roto podcast and site to ffb dominance the last three years. Josh is a great host who’s giddiness about ffb and prospects is infectious. The show has the best guests particularly Evan Silva, Sigmund Bloom, Mike Renner, JJ Zacharisan, the list goes on and on. This is one of my must listen to ffb pods. Great work
Easy Listening!
Great insight, and Josh always has great interaction with quality guests! None of them better, however, than when he pulls Evan Silva on board.
Excellent Content
Great show with likeable hosts who really know their stuff, whether is football, prospects, fantasy outlooks, or DBZ.
5 ✨
Really good knowledge I love your sense of humor keep up the good work enjoy this podcast a lot.
Quality Show
Wize Mon
Always packed with great info backed by stats, also guests are on point as well
Good football podcast
Jacob Bandoni
It's a good mix of approachable for the casual FF player and some deeper analytical content for the degenerates
Good Stuff
Beer Guy 27
First time listening and I really enjoyed it. It made me laugh and had some good football info. John Daigle seems like a cool dude.
Great podcast
Martin OD
This is one of my favorite pods. Josh always brings it and love the groups of guests he bring thru.
Informative, useful and dare I say, NECESSARY.
Josh and crew bring football fans, casual and informative football talk. From draft season, all the way through the NFL season, fantasy and real game insight. He’s also quite likable and in the age of smug analysis, he’s refreshing. Download and subscribe, ASAP Rocky. Respectful a peer in the industry and fan.
THE most important podcast in the universe.
Ya biZon
Riley M626
Josh way to pronounce Bizon correctly! Thanks for showing some NDSU love. Great interview with Easton! Riley
The BEST NFL Podcast
Josh Norris does a great job hosting the Rotoworld football podcast. Very interesting analysis, informative guests, and a nice touch of personality all contribute to an enjoyable listen. 10/10 would recommend.
Beautiful people
Beautiful people. Beautiful content. And the listeners are the ones who keep it going. Support the crew!
Best Analysis Ever!
Thanks to Josh "Dirty Boy" Norris and Ray Summerlin for their most informative analysis about bathroom towels. Keep up the great work!
Can’t/Won’t miss
This is the only podcast in my rotation that I make sure I never miss, both during the season and throughout the offseason. It’s the 1.01 of pods, and to quote twitter “it’s not even close”.
Keep up the great work. I would like to hear on some best ball draft strategies. Thank you.
Most Professional Fantasy Football Pod
A combination of professionalism & humor that is a not-to-be missed podcast for my distraction of a hobby that is dynasty fantasy football.
Great content, great host & plugged in guests
The host, Josh Norris, guides listeners through fresh and applicable information for fantasy football players of all types, while bringing in the heavy hitters in the FF space to add their takes. As both a season long and avid DFS player, I make sure to never miss a pod, and highly recommend subscribing so you don't either. Keep up the great work guys.
Great info
Very knowledgeable host. Great information and stats
Essential listen
george kursar
If we were to build a Mt. Rushmore dedicated to football centric podcasts, Josh would be up there with Sigmund Bloom, Evan Silva, and Adam Levitan. These podcasts are hyper informative in a digestible time period. It’s ideal for folks on a commute and/or those of us trying to jam in as much quality content as possible before game time. It’s one of those shows you keep hitting refresh to will another episode into existence! Josh has great chemistry with his guests and no data point is wasted. This is an essential listen. George Kursar StatementGames
Awesome Coverage
Klick 213333
Found out about you from your spot on the Around the nfl podcast. So glad I did. Love the coverage you did on the combine.
Great show for all things football
Always look forward to this show!
Great Podcast
Love the Rotoworld Pod! Josh provides great info in digestible ways. Awesome guests too.
Rob Reed
Real take
Awesome and informative. Avoids the mundane talk that plagues so many podcasts.
5/5 stars, comets, etc.
Ride these guys’ opinions to first place in your fantasy league! Or simply expand your football analysis pallet with some of the smartest writers there are. 10/10 podcast would recommend . Also.... who has the remote?
Must Listen if you Love Football
I started listening to this show for the fantasy content (which is awesome minus Pat’s overuse of the word “hashtag”) but I’m actually enjoying the off-season episodes even more. Josh is an awesome football mind and listening to this will make you a smarter football fan. Love this podcast.
Great podcast for football fanatics
Very informational
Great content, variety of contributors
no offseason
It’s rare for people to agree on team construction and individual player evaluation but these guys do a great job justifying their takes and bringing in enough outside contributors to let you make up your own mind. Great listen, very focused content, must listen for dynasty leagues during the off-season.
Show Content - Best Ever Football Video Game
Josh– What do you think is the best football video game of all time? NFL Head Coach wins in my book although no one can deny the impact that NFL2k had on the football game landscape and you can’t deny that Blitz was a great game. Killer
One of my favorites.
Thanks for all of your hard work Josh. The content that you and your contributors produce throughout the entire year is something I look forward to listening to on my daily commute.
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