love it!
amazingly written, captivating and real. love the diversity and thoroughness in the investigations throughout the seasons. also love the score, EXCEPT for the theme song... well done!
Can’t get enough!
Love this podcast! It is probably my favorite true crime podcast out there. My only problem is that I listen to on the episodes!
Love these podcasts!
You can tell that the host David has a passion for what he is doing. I've enjoyed this podcast and the others by David!
Love it
I’ve listened to all 5 seasons so far and love it
Great work
This podcast is interesting. It’s an easy listen. The investigation is thorough. Give it a try because it’s a must listen.
It’s good, a little too slow. If he talked in his normal voice as he does when he’s interviewing, then it would be engaging. It has potential with some minor tweaks and consolidation. Overall too slow.
ZG from MN
The narration is awful. This dude is trying way to hard.
I just can't
I cannot handle any more of the conspiratorial whispering. Use a normal voice!
Great narrator
Season 1 is really good. You feel as though you’re right there with David as he travels around the various locations, very descriptive. You can tell he cared about the family. A little too long. Season 2 another good story, well written and narrated, but the ending was a bit disappointing. Season 5-Too much foul language for my taste. I wanted to keep listening but couldn’t get through 2 episodes.
One of the best true crime podcasts out there.
Honestly David Ridgen is so great, and the content is really well researched and presented. One of my favorite podcasts!
Superb storytelling
Of all CBC’s outstanding podcasts, SKS really stands out. David Ridgen is just a gem. The heart and sensitivity he brings to these stories really comes through. And I have a total voice crush on him ;)
Still waiting to hear more from season 4
Elena gilbert1863
Is season 4 over? Keep waiting for new episodes on that story, where did you go? More please.
Amazing storyteller
David is an amazing storyteller. It is apparent he really cares about all of these cases and that he wants to find a solution for these families. I listened to all of the seasons within a few days.
mad for this podcast! cant stop listening.
David has a way of speaking and asking questions that is phenomenal for this listener. its like i go with him. stunning.
Season 1- incredible
Chris from staten island
This was so well done. I love this family and wish only peace for the rest of their days. They are so strong and brave. Dave... I’m a little in love with you.( a lot).. your compassion is humbling and makes us all want to be better people. Keep up the good work..God Bless you all
ayy meee
Honestly such a good and catchy podcast. I’m obsessed. Idk what anyone complains about, I actually dig the song at the end. Reminds me of the cold cases I would watch as a child.
Great Podcast
I really love the podcast but the host really loves himself and tends to always bring it back to him somehow
Season 5
Couldn’t stop listening at work! Am I the only one who’s inner detective senses were buzzing at the mention of grimaces father being abnormally affected by the death of a girl he didn’t know well? On the edge of my seat! Keep up the good work.
SKS is a great, detailed podcast that kept me listening. I am a podcast junkie and this is another one of my favorites. I do have to say please change the theme song!!! It’s HORRIBLE! Other podcasts that have catchy theme music get on my head and I find myself excited to listen when I hear the music. It’s important- and this theme music makes me cringe!!!! Otherwise keep doing what you do!
The investigations you do is great it helps give our family hope. My brother in law has been missing since 2006 from Oroville, California we have no answers and so many questions. If you or anybody have a resource that might help us.
Just listened to first episode. I must admit that I am a complete gore hound and true crime junkie. It is so rare to hear from victims friends and family in such a poignant way; how they struggle for life, blame themselves and think, “if only I had done this, she would still be alive. I appreciate the portrayal of humanity, love, and loss. A moving tale of multiple lives affected by the violence and brutality of a selfish monster, pure evil.
Seattle Sissy
If you like true crime stories or Lt. Joe Kenda or Cold Case Filed you should like this. Very human and touching.
Best Podcast for Canadian Accents
I listen to this podcast so much that I accidentally get a Canadian accent.
Season One is ROUGH
I’m not sure how anyone makes it to the end of season one. Period. I gave this a try for 6 episodes, each of which had a painful twangy 2 minute song at the end. 6 full episodes - I couldn’t make it ANY. FURTHER. Literally nothing happened in 6 episodes. I’m so confused at how it’s rated so highly.
Best true crime investigation podcast!!!
This podcast is well researched with excellent storytelling that really helps to solve cold cases in a kind, considerate approach towards all people involved in the case. Can’t wait for updates or the next case!
Great Storytelling....
really enjoy listening to this podcast. It’s interesting, compelling, and executed well. That closing song and performance, however, is painful to listen to. I could see what they were going for, but it misses the mark, completely.
Fact-check of Season 3, Episode 2
Sorry about this, but my OCD kicked in during this episode. David refers to someone that went to Miss St. University, & he says it is also known as Ole Miss. Ole Miss is the University of MS. Miss St is the aggie school, not Ole Miss, which is the “fancy” lawyer/doctor school.😉 Otherwise, enjoying season 3. Liking Thomas Moore. Seems like a cool cat😎
David Ridgen Makes Beautiful Podcasts
Gorgeous stories that will haunt you for a while
Interesting content, but...
This guy’s investigation tactics are insane. Showing up at his subjects’ homes and places of work unannounced and with no prior contact, to ask them questions about some of the most traumatic experiences of their lives? I get the passionate hunt for the truth, and by all means I like listening to results...But something about the way he gathers his intel from these people doesn’t sit right with me. It feels insensitive and maybe not so ethical, and makes me uncomfortable. Like the one episode where he Facebook stalks a woman to figure out where she works, proceeds to drive across the whole country without ever contacting her or telling her that he’s coming, and then gets in her cashier line at the grocery store she works at?!?! To tell her he is journalist who wants to talk about how the father of her children probably killed her friend, and the dead friend’s mother is working with this program too? Also we’re recording you without permission. If that is all what really happened, this dude is literally terrifying. But cool concept tho.
Love love love this show!!!
Purple Prose_SAK
David is such a great narrator and storyteller. Not to mention, he handles these tough cases with such compassion — a trait very hard to find in a true crime podcast, where the sole focus is looking at the clues.
Hands down best podcast. David the host has a passion for investigative journo. He leaves politics out of it and is a fact only guy. Again best podcast out here people.
Seriously one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. David is a fantastic reporter- compassionate and straight forward.
Narrators voice
podcast anyone?
Tried to listen to cat lady pod cast but the narrators voice is so irritating I could not get past 10 minutes
Really enjoying
American listener and I love it! I wish they had someone here that had the same technique. Great story teller and a great cause.
Unbelievably compelling
David is no joke. He is a treasure of a reporter. Keep going. I listen to every minute of these podcasts. They really make a difference to society along with being very entertaining.
Like the show. Had to skip season two. Couldn’t listen to the mom talking.
Great podcast. Love David’s passion for justice.
So Good!
This is one of my favorite true crime podcasts. David’s passion for helping the families really makes this podcast so amazing.
One of the best podcast out.
Thank you. Great podcast. Looking forward to season6.
I love listening to David!
Nikki from CA
David is a compassionate and tenacious investigative reporter. It’s entertaining and very well put together. Keep up the great work David and I look forward to hearing more podcasts from you! Thank you for all your hard work.
Need season 6!
This show is so well done...my favorite investigative podcast. I have caught up with all seasons now...just finished the Dee-Moore season and was moved to tears. Keep up the good work! I hope there is an announcement of a season 6 soon!
Somebody Knows Something
This is well done all the way around! In the tradition of the CBC, professional journalism, and excellent production and storytelling! Bravo. Looking forward to more. Thank you! 👏👏👏
No commercials please!
Stop putting commercials in your podcasts!
What happened?
That’s why I kept coming back to listen to the well told story. I was hooked immediately and was sad to have it end. This is a must listen to podcast.
More more more
Amazing. It’s hard to wait for the next episode
Absolute favorite
Of all podcast this is my favorite. He does better investigations then the police. His voice is perfect for this! Not childish like lots of others. Glad it’s a one man show. Not over talking with one another. Love from Texas!
This work will stay with you
Wonderful work. Like a good book, several of these podcasts I will always remember. The Mississippi case gave dignity to those so brutally killed out to sheer prejudice and ignorance.
Such a powerful and moving podcast!
Outstanding work David...I was moved to tears for Charles Moore and ashamed of the South, where I was raised, for allowing him and many others to be forgotten. Thank you sir for helping to bring the poor forgotten souls to the forefront. God bless you.
I love SKS!!!
Mals Reviews
David is amazing. This is honestly one of the best podcasts I have ever heard. I’m almost done with season 5 and I am so sad it’s almost over. I can’t wait for David’s next show.
Excellent Podcast
David is a kind person who empathizes with the families and shares their stories in an insightful way. One of my favorite podcasts.
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