Would recommend to friends
I really like this podcast I love my friends love it my family loves it.
Unusable after new ad
Had to wait over 3 MINUTES before the start. This is ridiculous, can’t listen to this without skipping all of the ad’s. Remove the zip recruiter BS, it’s a niche market and annoys everyone
Greatest podcast
I don’t write reviews much at all but I have to say this is the most interesting podcast I have ever listened to. This coming from someone who listens to podcasts all day everyday.
Mike Rowe is amazing!
I love this podcast. He’s doing wonderful things and educating people about skilled laborers and jobs that need people to do them.
Frank The Great White Buffalo
I love this podcast
All of them
travy 560
I just finished your complete podcast an am just beside myself absolutely love it.....I was a Paul Harvey fan and you have slipped into that role so well keep them coming can’t get enough......
It’s about time!
Finally something to listen to that is worth my precious time. So many podcasts are just worthless mindless babble with no substance whatsoever. Thank you Mike you do a fantastic job as always. Beamer
Mike, your podcast reminds me so much of “The Rest of the Story” by Paul Harvey!! I loved listening to him with my mom in her car while we were out running errands when I was a kid! I love your podcast even more than I did Paul Harvey!! I am so happy I heard your advertisement on Pandora!
What’s in a name
LoneStar L D
My name is not important. I’m one of a dying army. Like my predecessors before me, I load up the tools of my trade and ride off in to the sunset, or sunrise. Earning my living one battle and one day at a time. In a world dominated by Internet, email, social media and endless other forms of world wide instant marketing impressions and digital touches, I drudge on in hand to hand face to face combat. I don’t track my success with likes or hits on my page. No my instant results are more tangible. My freshman year English Prof taught me that “Brevity and Clarity are the only two writing tools that will never fail you”. So, in an effort to honor him, I will not pontificate with over zealous bloviation and endless sentences blathering on about how much I appreciate Mikes delivery and how his writing is both captivating and just the right amount of tongue and cheek humor to deliver his well thought out morsels of finely researched history in his seemingly random yet somehow organized series of short stories that keeps me wanting just one more. INDEED, I are a fan. I will however thank him. Often times there are hundreds of quiet miles between my stops. Quiet lonely miles on America’s vascular system of pavement. And in my profession a man has to stay sharp. Ready for the battle. Ready to be on my A game as I pull up to my next stop and earn my living. I am a traveling salesman. And while I am not selling house wears, snake oil, cocaine medication and crazy inventions to house wives door to door. I am the hand to hand face to face contact in a digital world the keeps my manufacturers products selling at retail outlets across 4 states. There’s still some good soldiers left in our asphalt burning army and more than a few of us enjoy the mental stimulation Mike provides 5 mins at a time. The world will always need salesmen pedaling their precious products across the greatest God fearing country any many has ever fought and died for. But..... the days of that hand shake and face to face sales pitch may lose out to FaceTime, Insta chat, cell phone video conferences and drop boxes full of more sales videos and information than I could remember in my best pitch. But for now, while they still pay me to do what I love, I would like to hear it the way Mike did a few more times. “On my honor” was my favorite. “Something to stand for” nearly made me cry. And the tribute to the choir teachers made me smile as remembered all the pictures of “The Melo Ds”. That was the Barbour Shop quartet my dad was in with his family. Dave, Dean, Dan & Dad. Good night and God bless- -D
A real gem in the sea of podcast choices. All well done - narration, content, and sound quality. Thank-you, Mike Rowe!
Best history class you’ll ever take!
I love this podcast for many reasons! One, I love the short length of each episode. My commute is just enough for two of Mike’s stories, and it goes by so much more quickly now! It’s a treat to be able to get through a full episode and not miss anything by having to pause and come back. Two, Mike’s voice was absolutely MADE for this kind of thing. I’d listen to him read the yellow pages; he’s that good. And three, and most importantly, I LEARN something every time! My husband and I love trying to guess the subject of each episode before the other one does. If high school and college history classes had been this captivating, I’d have paid a lot more attention! I’ve recommended this podcast over and over, and will continue to do so. Thanks for the great listening experience, Mike!
Can’t stop, won’t stop
Mike Rowe does a fantastic job of keeping your attention while telling little bits of unknown history. Highly recommend for anyone— a good listen for trips!
Keep them coming
Reminds me of Paul Harvey and the rest of the story. I really like listening and trying to guess what the story is about before too much is given away. Thanks for the history lesson with a twist.
Can’t stop listening
I found the Podcast totally by accident. I totally love them! My favorite time to listen is while I’m traveling. They are just enough to keep your attention and enjoy the stories. They remind me of The rest of the story by Paul Harvey which I was raised on. This is my first Podcast and first Podcast subscription.
Great podcast
Heard about the podcast from my stepson and since I do love your voice figured I would try it. It is great. Just long enough to learn something but not so long you lose interest.
The Best
I am new to podcasts but found you and The Way I Heard It within a day! Love it! Brings back very fond memories of listening to Paul Harvey! I love your tv shows and your character on Last Man Standing!! Keep it coming!!
Stephanie DeSantis
The kids demand the that I save “good episodes” for them so we can listen on road trips. We’ve shared a lot of good times listening to the show. Thanks Mike
Mikes real cool,NORMAL person
raccoon creek
So are you done doing new episodes? It’s been 2 months.whats the deal dude
Like Cliff Clavin...only better
MN Twins fam
Need another couple stars for this rating. Love, love, LOVE this podcast! The little details that Mike and his crew find are fascinating and give a new angle to historic figures that would have gone unknown. Almost like little Cliff Clavinism’s, only better. (Sorry to the Charles brothers, Glenn Burrows and John Ratzenberger!). I have my 15 & 17 y.o. interested in this as something else to use their phones (aka stupid boxes) other then games and YouTube making stupid people famous. Can’t wait for the book, I am preordering it today! Keep it up Mike and writers!
Simply Awesome
Hi Mike - I heard about this podcast a few months ago and have been slowly working my way through past episodes. I find it very entertaining when I’m in the car driving to and from work. I have always enjoyed your work, whether Dirty Jobs to this podcast - you have a great sense of humor and a great voice for broadcasting. I’m happy you’ve picked up where Paul Harvey has left off. Great job, Sir - I look forward to the remaining episodes in the backlog and the future. Good day!
found mike in my feed a couple days ago and cant stop so i can catch up. recommend norad it will bring a tear
I’m bummed that he’s on hiatus until September, but I’m anticipating many more great stories.
Ready For more
Big Popppaa P
Mike, I enjoy your podcast. It’s refreshing to have something educational and yet fun to listen to. I hope you keep up the good work
America’s Storyteller
A prize winning recipe to make any American proud. A slice of mom’s hot apple pie with homemade ice cream melting on top. Served on a plate from grandma’s hearty dish ware and a solid, heavy silver fork. No paper plates, plastic spoons, paper tub ice cream or grocery store pie here...he’s the real deal. Equal parts Garrison Keillor, Mark Twain, and Walt Whitman...a dash of Yogi Berra and Bob Ueker, throw in a pinch of Johnny Carson, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Completely enjoyable and relatable. He reels you in and keeps you engaged until the end of every story. You’ll either be smiling like a kid at his first baseball game or crying like an old veteran at the sight of a flag draped coffin. There’s no one better than Mike Rowe at telling stories about what makes us...us.
I have been listening to these since she started. My first thought was they took me back to Those nostalgic days of childhood in the backseat of my grandparents car listening to Paul Harvey. I was immediately enraptured, telling all about the great stories I was hearing, I got to the point that I cannot cook dinner alone without listening to a podcast, because when I’m listening to Mike I’m not really alone. I hope the podcast go on and on for years to come, not only are they entertaining, educational, but somehow listing to Mike is calming and relaxing, reminding me of day is long gone when the world was easy
In the foorsteps of Paul Harvey
I always loved "The Rest of the Story" that Paul Harvey produced. Mike has done a wonderful job stepping into those considerable shoes. My wife and I have loved bing listening to all the past episodes and hope Mike does this for many years to come. Thanks Mike!
The New Paul Harvey!
Andrew (Pipefool)
I grew up listening to “The Rest of the Story.” What Mike has created with “The Way I Heard It” has brought back fantastic memories and a lot of pleasure trying to dugout who he is talking about before the story is over. Well done!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Great podcast
This reminds me of one of the best story tellers I can remember Paul Harvey. It is great to have someone put forth the effort to put fourth the effort to make short stories great once again.
Patty VV
Rarely have I been impressed by someone who possesses a copious abundance of minute trivia, yet here I am waiting impatiently for the return of Mike Rowe! I mean, I believe everyone deserves a break from hard work, and few if any seem to work harder. But, really?? Really? You HAVE to take a podcast hiatus before your book comes out so while I’m freer in the summer, I’m now in withdrawal!! So replay it is!! Thanks for your insights! I even chose to listen to “The Consultant” more than once which is interesting as I was in the Chi Omega house at FSU the night Bundy the bastard, excuse my French, did his evilness. You, my friend, if I may be so bold to call you a friend, can make the evilness of the world interesting. Keep up the great jobs!! Patty Van Valey
I stumbled across this podcast just yesterday. I have listened to more than half already. This is the best thing I’ve heard since… Paul Harvey. I can’t wait for the book! It’s gonna be great if it’s a quarter as good as this podcast.
Great podcast
A great podcast, great voice and you did bring back Paul Harvey at its best. Thanks for the memories.
I just discovered this podcast. I LOVE IT!! I’m listening to 10-20 every day! And it’s okay to compare yourself to Paul Harvey. Didn’t realize how much I missed him... until you came along, Mike Rowe. Thank you, sir.
Thank you Mike
Kim B Dommit
I recently found your podcasts. In a few weeks time I have caught up and listened to all of them. You really are a legend in the same class as Paul Harvey. Thank you.
Perfect for my short attention span
Thank you!
Thank you Mike
Once I realized you were presenting this podcast I had to catch up, and listened to every single episode in about two weeks. I’m looking forward to the new episodes. I even ordered the book just today after going through listening to each episode again. From one Eagle to another, thank you.
why is the nickname needed!?!?
This is the best podcast yet and I love the fact that it’s not boring and how he keeps you hooked with the wording he uses.
Could listen to these all day
Mike has that something-something that makes him a great story teller.
Thought provoking shorts
This podcast is precisely produced for your short commute or 10 minute break. They won't last you as long as they could after you begin to binge listen back to back. One of my favorites and Mike has a great speaking voice. I'm trying to relocate the episode containing a story about a politician leaving letters in the road.... Loved it and its lost on me .... Cheers
Mike Rowe has the best voice in the podcast world, I love every episode
Thoroughly enjoy the stories told by Mike Rowe. I’m always learning something new.
Mike, you’re awesome!
I love the way you weave each story. They keep my “short attention span” piqued every time!! You have a wonderful storytelling style and I love your podcast!!
Oh Mike. I’ve missed you
Mike Rowe has the best voice in the podcast world. I missed his dry humor and great way he tells a story. I’ve re found my friend even if he didn’t know we were friends. I feel like since dirty jobs and on I’ve know Mike. Welcome back to my life! Thanks love the short stories and great insights. Keep it up.
History... for the rest of us!
I just found these podcasts through a friend. They are really cool, well thought out and researched sufficiently to make them factual! Mike (and your producer) are reviving these tales of history! Thanks and keep up the great work!
Fun & educational
I’ve listened to every episode and enjoyed each one. Mike does a great job finding interesting stories and writes them in such a way that it leaves the listener excited to hear the end. Ready for you to come back, Mike!
A delight!
Fun, light and entertaining! A pure delight to listen to Mike’s podcast. Beautiful storytelling, bravo!
hmmmmmm :(
Mike Rowe is an absolute unit Ben 2020
A refreshing break from the everyday cast. Very reminiscent of Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the story. Mike Rowe is a modern legend.
CML 48
This is an awesome podcast!! Every episode is amazing!!
I’m in love with this podcast!!!
Patriotic One
This is so fantastic. One of the very best podcasts ever. Getting to listen to Mike’s voice makes it a real treat as well. I’m turning everyone on to this Podcast. Such a treat, it made my day.
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