Good podcast
Fidget me
I really want to enjoy this podcast, Im very interested in the cases that Marissa covers and I like her story telling style. Unfortunately I have to unsubscribe now since I never listen to it anymore. Nothing is wrong with the host and overall podcast is great. I like what Marissa does and wish her only success. I simply cannot stand to listen to the relatives and loved ones of the missing people. It's just impossible for me to get into the story and understand anything they say via phone or whatever ancient technology they speak on. It's always some mumbling and I know it sounds harsh but it's kind of ruined the show. I remember I used to listen to it all the time like a year ago and now it's too boring to even fall asleep to anymore :( I agree with previous review that suggested for heavy editing or Melissa doing the narration instead.
Overall a good podcast. I don’t find Marissa to be “monotone” at all. She has a calm voice but uses inflection. The only thing I notice is when she says words like “frushshtrated” and “shtress.” Other than that, it’s well narrated and researched. She interviews loved ones of the victims, which can be hit-or-miss. Some are good, but many ramble, don’t speak clearly, have bad phone connections, and don’t always answer the questions listeners really have. It would be a five-star podcast if Marissa were to edit those interviews ruthlessly and do more of her own narration to make the timeline clearer and fill in missing details. Sometimes I wish she would press the interviewees to answer tougher questions, but I understand it’s probably difficult to do that without damaging the rapport they’ve built. I respect the original work that Marissa puts into this show, and hope that she gains listeners from the former fans of the podcast that plagiarized her.
They really need to choose a different person to voice this podcast...
Great Research
Minny Sota
Very good PC. I’ve been listening for awhile and I love it.
The best missing persons podcast out there
You cover so many cases I otherwise never would have known about. I wait for your episodes every week, love them
Intriguing and well done
I really appreciate this podcast shedding light on these cases. It is always done with a caring compassion towards these family and friends. Some of the recordings of recordings are difficult to understand, so I have had to skip some episodes.
Great content
Just super difficult to follow only because the host has an incredibly monotone voice 🤦🏻‍♀️
Love this podcast
I think most crime podcasts are either tacky or sensational, but not this one. Marissa seems thoughtful, respectful and kind. I think it’s because she never makes the podcast about herself and because she offers the family & friends of the missing a platform to tell the facts as best as they can.
I’m not sure where or how I came on this podcast, but I am so glad I did!!! I really enjoy the way Marissa tells stories & includes interviews into the podcast! Thank you for the hard work you put into this podcast!!!
My favorite podcast!!!
This podcast deserves a five star rating!!! I look forward to it each week! Thank you for getting these important stories out there. Keep up the great work!
Used to be my favorite...
I will always stay subscribed to this podcast because I 100% respect Marissa and her work. But I agree with the recent reviews, I miss the old way the content was presented. I look back on the past several episodes, and I stop almost half way through them. It has become WAY too much of other people talking—wether it is family member or other organizations. I understand why this may have started but it has completely saturated the podcast as a whole. It feels like the cases don’t have enough content maybe so then to fill time she has added a organization that relates to the person? I don’t know exactly but it has become repetitive and I no longer get excited to listen to the new episodes. Hope these reviews will help push the podcast back in the right direction to keep listeners around to hear these people’s stories.
She’s the best!!!
She goes above and beyond for the person missing and all the families involved. She’s the best for missing persons!!!
Appropriate for work
I love this podcast bc I’m obsessed with missing persons cases and bc it’s pc enough to listen to at work. There’s no cursing or inappropriate talk like on my other favorites TCO and Wine & Crime so I can listen at my desk. Also I love that they interview friends and family if the missing person and they go over cases I never heard of. If your into missing persons cases I totally recommend this podcast.
Favorite Podcast
I love this podcast and I enjoy hearing from people who knew the person and when the police come on.
Excellent! One of my favorites!
Great podcast. Truly great job! From beginning to end, truly a great listen. I enjoy each and every one of them intriguing.
Christopher Abeyta
This case has broken my heart and heightened my curiosity since I was ten growing up in Colorado Springs. Please come forward if you know anything, or suspected any little thing even way back then. If you have a child, and you know something about this case...imagine for 60 seconds what the right thing to do would be and imagine what Bernice Abeyta felt all of these years. I’m so proud of this well spoken and hardworking family for keeping up the digging and fight all these years! Keep taking those DNA tests and hopefully a match will happen. If Christopher is gone, well you know who you are and clearing your soul now by coming clean is far better for you, too, than in your final days or after. Everyone “wins” even after such loss when given bit of closure and peace.
Good idea; Bad execution
I love missing persons podcasts and stories as much as the next guy. Although you guys definitely put in your research and provide a very interesting show ... the fact that you have the parent of the missing child come on and get into telling a long winded recollection of their children’s life’s... it makes it very boring and dry. You’re the professional, most of the podcast should be you going over the story and using discretion to select what audio clips to use of the parents. I get it some may find this harsh, but the parents are emotionally involved into their kids, which in return turns the story into just an over exaggeration of how “good” and “special” their kids were/are. Nothing wrong with that, but not the kind of thing you’re trying to listen to when hearing about a missing person.
Just Okay
Tends toward monotonous and droning, but with some surprises. Comprises the various consequences of stupid behavior by hapless people, in most cases. If this podcast is "making money off the victims," then it aligns with all journalism. All journalism is voyeuristic and minding one's business is not a quality of any reporter or podcast.
Used to be much better
When this podcast started, it was good. But now it is just an endless ramble of family members discussing their loved ones. No longer able to get a clear picture of what happened in the cases. I feel like the most talking the host does is during the endless advertisements. I want to like it but the format is disappointing.
Ari :))
100% my favorite podcast! I look forward to every Sunday night!! Spreads the word about under-publicized missing persons cases in the most interesting way possible. They’ve actually inspired me to look into certain cases further for more information and updates.
I used to LOVE this podcast. Every episode had me SO ENGAGED! Now I have to say disappointedly, the play backs of the interviews with the family takes up far too much time of the episode. It’s very hard to understand their voices let alone the point they are trying to get across. I understand the compassion for the victims family is important but this isn’t the place for it. It’s not a memorial podcast of family members of victims to tell the victim’s life story. Most of what they talk about is how great of a person they were. It just takes away from what this podcast used to be. It’s no longer even about the case. Really hope this changes as I try to keep listening to some episodes but sadly can’t make it through a whole episode in a while.
Used to be great
Lately it seems that all the episodes are just family interview one after another with marissa putting in one sentence here and there. Sometimes the family recordings are hard to understand and i would enjoy it so much more if Marissa was telling the story
Great podcast, horrific artwork
Love this podcast- very professional, keeps you on the edge of your seat....but please change the picture...hate to see such a sweet child associated with such a difficult issue.
Super well done
The podcaster really cares about the victims and it shows. Great true crime podcast! Brings attention to lesser known cases.
Best podcast
I am hooked. Found this podcast & started from the beginning. Been listening for hours a day. Marissa is fantastic and really helps these families. Highly recommend podcast!!
Good but not great anymore.
This used to be a great podcast, now it’s just ok/good. It’s very difficult to listen to an hour of family member interviews - often saying the same things over and over each episode. It’s almost like the same story with difference cast members each week; there is very little substance info to the actual case. I’m still subscribed but can very rarely listen to an entire episode.
Important stories that just need different formatting
The content is interesting and very in-depth, but the formatting inhibits the build-up of the case. The disappearance is featured at the very beginning in like a two-minute spiel, and then the entirety of the episode after that is exposition, provided by various friends and family members with minor input here and there by the narrator. The timelines aren’t clear.
Great podcast with a big heart
Marissa is an excellent podcaster, but more than that, she cares and advocates for the missing and their families. I truly believes she is making a difference. I also love that she provides a voice for the voiceless and those who are marginalized and can’t get traditional media attention. I’m a huge fan.
Skip this one.
Gigi Hernandes
I’m sorry but this person narrating is very monotone!
Lovely Reddy Teddy
In the Ruiz case. Why was Sid, her husband, did he leave the marines? He did not complete his enlistment so what were the circumstances? What was his discharge status. His dd214 would show all this.
i love this podcast.
i agree with a previous review, if you want to listen to a free podcast, you’re gonna have to deal with commercials. i love how the host gives the family the chance to talk at length. it’s my favorite part about the podcast. no one would be able tell the story better than them. thanks for the work you do.
Too much
relatives talking on and on with Marisa inserting a sentence here and there. One phone call was so bad I couldn’t understand a word. Stopped listening to that one. Now I’m stopping all together.
Love it
1) if you don’t like commercials, don’t listen to free podcasts.... go find podcast that you have to pay for that are commercial free. 2) I enjoy hearing the story from the people involved!
Cedar Falls
Have to echo what other reviewers are saying: it used to be an interesting podcast but has since turned into a mish mash of way too long clips of family members of the missing talking about their loved ones. She has also started including interviews that are only tangentially related to the cases: in the most recent episode she interviewed a representative for AMFAR, an AIDS charity, I guess because the missing person was HIV+? And there were three ad breaks of two ads each in an hour-long episode. I’ve given it many chances to improve, but now I’m just going to unsubscribe.
too many ads
great podcast except for the frequent and annoying advertisements
Good but used to be great.
I enjoy this podcast and I love that Melissa brings stories that would most likely otherwise go unheard. She’s also a fantastic story teller. However, the format has changed over the years and now instead of Melissa giving us the whole story she has a lot of interviews and for the most part they are just not very good. Sometimes it’s the quality of the phone call, sometimes it’s because the person is clearly very uncomfortable speaking, sometimes it’s something else... I just miss the old podcast.
My favourite missing person podcast
I think the host does an amazing job with this podcast. I also listen to unfound podcast and I love that too and appreciate the hard work they put into it. I do prefer this podcasts format though. I like just listening to the guest explain what’s happened and having multiple people being interviewed rather than the questioning back and forth and awkward silence. I also like this podcast and unfound interviews actual family members rather than just telling a story. Just a personal preference. I mean no disrespect but I wish Marissa would do older cold cases. I understand the importance of the newer disappearances. I just feel there are so many that have been forgotten and need a voice. I know she has in the past but I feel recently she does more recent disappearances. I do feel there’s a lot of ads and it gets annoying but it’s necessary to fund the show. It is aggravating but that means she can cover more disappearances. So just skip if you don’t like it.
Lil Blue Eyes
Boring. Boring. Boring.
Great podcast
I enjoy listening too many ads.
Her voice is so monotone. There is no emotion. It’s hard to get interested in anything she’s saying.
Too many commercials
This podcast presents good stories, however the amount of commercials is too much. Also, the incoherent rumbling of family members lowers the quality of podcast. Would like more to hear the story from Marissa.
Had to change my review
I used to LIVE for this podcast. Now it’s turned into an interview podcast. The phone calls are annoying and difficult to follow. Podcasts have a host for a reason - instead, she lets the interviewee tell the story, and 100% of the time, they have absolutely zero storytelling skills. In turn, it makes it hard to understand and very underwhelming I liked it MUCH more when she told the story
Gone downhill...
I used to really enjoy this podcast and listened to every episode available. I loved Marissa’s analysis of the Brandon Lawson case, for instance. But somewhere along the way the episodes became less and less of Marissa and her research and more of a rambling narrative of a family member interview. I don’t mean to sound rude as I really feel for these people and their loss, but there’s a reason not everyone can make a great podcast. Not everyone has the voice and presence for it, thus the need for hosts, producers, etc. It’s gotten to the point where although I remain subscribed, I rarely bother to listen because I can’t struggle through an hour of anyone and everyone droning on with their account/experience. Idk if the change came with Wondery or what, but I wish the format would go back to the way it began and cut the family interviews altogether or shorten them by a lot.
Love this podcast
Conservative_for life
I absolutely love this podcast. Well done. There are a lot of the commercials but I don’t mind because the commercials pay for the podcast. I just fast forward through the commercials. Keep up the great work!
Used to be so good, the passion is gone
Long time listener. The number of ads has tripled since I began listening. Right in the middle of everything and it really distracts from the story. Do you really need to beg for money to air recordings of other people? The passion for missing people used to pour from Marissa as she delivered stories of these victims, and now it’s a droning recording, 20 monotone, repetitive ads, and then it’s over. Don’t bother with this one anymore
When I wake up Monday morning and there are new episodes waiting for me of all of the podcasts i love, this is always my first click. ❤️🧡💛
michaels magic threadworks
Way too many commercials
Loving this podcast
Please never stop this podcast. I’m addicted and can’t get enough. Love the format.
I liked it at first.
It was fine for a while. But then it got too boring and repetitive. These rednecks talk about the case, then Melissa repeats what they say. Cut out the interview. Just say what they say. Or interview people with a better grasp of English. Either way, liked it for a while but it got old.
I hate hearing anything from a phone. Then the last Niko episode was just an anxiety episode for a mom that actually loves their child. This woman was all over the place. Maybe you should stop since you had a child. Just down hill and not researched at all. DISAPPOINTING!!! Not following anymore.
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