The Vanished Podcast

Mikelle Biggs

May 12, 2018
45 min

On January 2, 1999 11-year-old Mikelle Biggs was playing outside with her 9-year-old sister, Kimber. Mikelle was on Kimber's bike while Kimber walked the dog on a leash. The girls could hear an ice cream truck in the distance, but Kimber got cold while waiting and went inside. When Kimber got back to the house, her mom told her to go back and tell Mikelle it was time to come in. Investigators estimate that Kimber was only gone for 90 seconds. In those 90 seconds, Mikelle vanished. In this episode, I'm joined by Kimber to discuss her sister's case.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Mikelle Biggs, please call the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211.

Kimber runs a Facebook page for Mikelle, you can follow here: Justice for Mikelle Biggs

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