Ok they have me laughing.
At first listen I was very meh about this. One insomniac night later and a ton of episodes in, they’ve grown on me. It’s like sitting with friends and bullshitting over murders.
Great job ladies!
Keep it up
Everyone calm down
I love the banter! Keep it going. ✌🏽
I’m hooked
I have listened to podcasts for a year+ but haven’t ever been so into one that I’m now happy to have a long car ride or to clean the kitchen by myself so I can listen to Georgia and Karen. I’m working my way through 2016 and loving the beginning too. I respect them and enjoy their conversations.
Harper Kay
The best! I listen every day in my car , while my husband is watching tv, and before bed! Wish it had more hours in my day to listen. Don’t know what I’ll do when I finally catch up on the episodes!
Gone Downhill
This used to be my favorite podcast but it’s veered so far off what it started as. Now it’s all about tours and posting live shows which are just not fun to listen to when you’re not there. Even the minisodes aren’t even about true crime anymore. Instead it’s just reading funny pointless stories that have nothing to do with crime. Hopefully they will come back from their hiatus and get back to what they were!
Thank you ladies!
Ever since my friend recommended my favorite murder I’ve been listening to at least one episode a day and don’t want to run out but know that I’ll just re-listen once I’ve listened to them all. Both the hosts are so great and I love them.
Sadly not what it used to be
Noneya B.
Get to the murder!!! I don’t care about pockets!!!! I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning but I can’t any more. It used to be about interesting stories - now it’s all book plugs, fan cults, and live shows that I wasn’t present for. I miss the old Karen and Georgia just cracking each other up on a couch. Plenty of people love it still, but I’m out.✌️
Good podcast. But when I google the topic I find that they just basically read the first article that shows up word for word.
Used to love
I loved the old episodes, they were funny and interesting. Recently it’s all live shows and boring minisodes. I understand taking a vacation but it started to get bad before vacation because y’all were always on tour and had no time to record new content. Y’all spreading yourselves too thin! I much prefer The Murder Squad now.
They never make new episodes anymore
Used to be one of my favorite podcasts but now all they do is go on tour and post episodes of old live shows or compilations of old recordings. The endless plugging of the book is getting super old. I just want your old weekly show, not Q&As about a book I will never read. I guess business got too good. Good for them, but the podcast is no longer worth subscribing imo.
This show is still fantastic
The old shows have been playing because THEY ARE ON VACATION FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE 3 YEARS! Having said that, I’m so happy for their success! I don’t think the shows have changed in quality, their audio is top notch. To the people saying they’ve changed, remember they aren’t playing characters; this is two women in real life! Feh.
Get to the point
I know you guys are friends but please minimize the blabbering and get to the point, I keep trying to get into this podcast bc I love murders but get annoyed with all the extra talking and basic white girl voices. I know you probably can’t help it 😭 but this is constructive criticism, the podcast could be so much better if it was organized better and the blabbering was minimized.
Random Conversations
I was expecting this to be about murder cases. Instead they talk forever about random stuff. Not really relevant to the topic and is pretty boring.
Please listen to your fans
Post once every couple weeks rather than live episodes, book tours and reruns over and over.
Listen to the old episodes
The older episodes are amazing! But the more recent ones are all ads & tour/merch/book/exactly right promos.
? Why are you re using ?
I thought I was going crazy for a bit. But turns out I’m completely sane. If your running out of material, take a break and do some research. Don’t use old stories.
This is now a ghost of the original. Start from the beginning.
This podcast is fantastic. I am invested in the personal banter, Karen and Georgia’s openness, their unique story telling styles, and their was of approaching true crime. I really appreciate the recent upload of past recordings - mostly because the work you all do, I’m sure, is time consuming and energy zapping. I am happy that Karen and Georgia are taking time to recharge! Their book was (and is - I am on the second read) accessible and memorable. Bravo in such a wonderful creation!
5 Ted Bundys out of 5
Look and listen, Karen and Georgia are the online girl gang that everyone needs. They talk about more than true crime. Mental Illness, politics, therapy, the patriarchy, and cheese plates are all up for grabs. Its truly an amazing listen that flys by way too quickly. Stay sexy and don’t get murdered!!!
Over it
I used to love these girls and this awesome show, even though I was a skipper. But after several weeks of live show recordings, not new shows, also stories about disasters, not murder, episodes that I don’t even listen to because they’re interviews or previews for other shows on their network or Q and A’s with other people. Lately, the worst is they’ve made compilations of old hometown episode stories and tried to pull them off as new. Where are you girls?! Are YOU dead? Or have you just gotten so big you don’t feel the need to work anymore. I quit listening to Adam Carolla’s podcast years ago for the same reason. Can’t relate anymore. Sorry ladies, but we’re done.
Miss the regular episodes
Love this podcast, but I really miss the regular episodes. I liked hearing 2 stories in an hour. The minisodes and live shows aren’t my favorite.
Lost it’s magic
Sad Antonio
Used to love the show, but lately they only upload live shows, which is fine if I’m looking for muffled audio quality and gratuitous applause. I wish they would release live shows separately and not as a replacement for the actual podcast.
Gone downhill
I used to really love this show, but in the past few months, it has been constant live show episodes and self-promoting episodes like the one they did this week to promote their own book. I also just listened to last week’s minisode and realized they are recycling old material and posting it as “new.” Seems like they are taking advantage of their fans and insulting our intelligence. Even though the actual crimes are not very well-researched, Karen and Georgia are still really entertaining so I used to enjoy listening, but airing old live shows week after week just isn’t quite the same.
Love them, but too many repeats!
I hate doing this, but as someone who listens to every episode & bought the book, I am again disappointed to have another compilation/rehashing. I miss real episodes.
Best podcast ever
love this podcast. love karen and georgia. love stephen. love all of the furry associates. don’t ever stop recording!!!
Listen.. look & listen
Love love love
So many reviews talk about how they side track too much, and I just want to say that this podcast is a true crime COMEDY podcast. It’s hilarious, and makes you less freaked out and more cautious about the realities of the world that they talk about. If you want to listen to just true crime, this won’t be for you, but don’t review it as such. It is great for what it is as a creation.
This is a nightmare success story. I loved Karen and Georgia as personalities before the cast. But get friends to guide. I didn’t know why they had a Facebook mutiny in their own fan site till they told me, cryptically, on their own podcast. It’s truly disappointing and offensive lately. Ep. 178 sounded like they thought Oslo was just a tough crowd, but they were unprepared and not funny. They still published it as regular content. Not good, but stay sexy?
My Favorite Podcast!
This podcast is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard. Funny when we really need it. Even the live shows are wonderful. There isn’t an episode that I’ve heard that I don’t giggle through. Can’t wait to see them in person! SSDGM!
Finally someone suggested the most amazing podcast.
I’ve been listening to these lovely ladies for a few months now and I’m just now leaving a 5 star review. I can’t get over how fast I fell in love with this podcast. I instantly became a fan after my first few mini episode binges. Now I’m on to the big leagues and listening to the full “real” episodes. Thank you Karen and Georgia for getting me through my 8 hours work days, traffic to and from work, while I’m showing, and while I’m on the toilet. Truly you two are brilliant and I love everything you do and say. Please never stop what your doing. Also hope to meet you both next time your in Seattle. SSDGM! -Mallory
Stop Corrections Corner
Literally the first thirty minutes are full of banter and bs Not sure when this started, as I used to absolutely love this podcast. If you can get past the absolutely pointless banter for the first half, it’s not TOO bad. Also, please stop doing the live shows. It lazy and annoying for people who weren’t there.
My number 1
Top of my true crime podcast list
I wish they would cut to the chase and get on with the story. I hate waiting 30 minutes to even get started and then they get siDe tracked with a different irrelevant topic.
What it USED to be.
Wow, can’t believe I’m actually writing a bad review for my once love for true crime podcast. Used to be my go to for going to work, @work, cleaning, etc. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Been a fan since it started. But now it has become pure TRASH. Mini episodes are poorly researched. And they had the nerve to plug in an OLD mini episode about a week ago! The live shows are the worst. Listening to their jokes has become unbearable.Idk it’s just as if they really don’t care about their fans!Pulling the plug. ✌🏽
Great podcast but no new episodes /:
Love this podcast! However they recently have only posted live shows & reposted past minisodes ☹️ hopefully they post some new episodes soon, fingers crossed!
Nothing better
The funniest women in the entire world. Nothing make me feel comfier and happier than this podcast. I wish I could give it a 1000 star rating
it’s just bad
it’s all around trash, if you like it cool good for you everything is subjective. their senses of humor don’t gel with mine the live shows are relatively similar in quality, but as i already said that isn’t saying much as a normal episode is trash.
Best podcast ever
Allie B, MA
It is the EXACTLY RIGHT thing to give this podcast 5 stars!
They talk too fast and sound like Valley girls.
New fav
I love this podcast. My friend told me to listen to it and now I can’t stop. You have to have a sense of humor and not take things to seriously. They do joke about murders but it’s all in good fun.
Hilarious podcast
Violet Nelson/ALPHADOGGY
really interesting and funny
Poor Quality
That awkward moment when you realize they keep splicing and sharing the same episodes. Probably won’t tune in in the future.
Stuck in Traffic
I love this show. I drive almost everyday and I can’t tell you how bad the traffic is and when I listen to MFM I laugh all the way they the show. Thanks women, I do enjoy your humor.
Love ❤️
Keep doing what you do!
Used to be into it...
Not so much anymore. Poor research paired with fighting with fans out a bad taste in my mouth, so I had to take a step back.
Too many live shows
I used to love this podcast but I’m not interested in listening to live shows so I just don’t listen anymore
I really, really tried to like this one
Since I started listening to podcasts, this one has always been recommended when I look for suggestions. I have tried multiple times to get into this from the suggestions of others, and I just can’t. I have tried episodes from the very beginning, the middle, and the most recent, and I guess it’s just not for me. Why? The banter is just TOO much. The chit chat and side notes and sly comments are so interjected, that I can’t even keep track of the story they are trying to tell. It seems more to me just listening to these 2 joking about the case they are supposed to be talking about, as opposed to actually talking about it. If you’re into listening to two people chit chat, you probably like this one. If not, there are better True Crime podcasts out there...
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