Wide range of interesting topics but needs to let the speaker talk!
I think JVN covers a lot of interesting topics over a wide variety of areas but it’s so frustrating as a listener to have him cut the guests off to clarify or ask a question that usually digresses into a new topic so we don’t ever get back to the original thought. I understand his curiosity to soak up as much information as possible but it’s so hard to listen to and follow along with. He has to clarify things a million times and will just interrupt people, like the philly episode was so annoying because the associate professor would talk and he’d interrupt to reiterate the timeline 5+ times. Then he cut her off for a commercial break... couldn’t we wait for her to finish her sentence before breaking for commercial? Ugh. Makes it almost impossible to enjoy and learn.
Wonderful show! Just Slow. Her. Down.
JVN is a breath of fresh air and the topics are always stimulating. I just wish he had a breath coach! I feel like I’m in a fire drill the entire episode. He talks fast, talks over himself and then never knows when an ad break is coming. I love the energy, maybe just take a deep breath before you go on air sister! Love and respect.
JVN: my pick me up!
I will be 100% honest. When I watched Season 1, Ep. 1 of Queer Eye, I quickly labeled JVN as one of those “flamboyant, over the top” homosexuals. I’m in the theater world, so, ya’ll know what I’m talking about. By Ep. 2, he’d stolen my heart. I quickly realized that, yes, while, he’s a character, he has so much depth to his personality. I envy his confidence to be truly and joyfully authentic. I binged all 4 seasons of QE in an embarrassingly short time, but found myself still wanting more JVN. So, I’m sooooo happy I found this pod. I’ve laughed, cried, cheered with him, and gone through a range of emotions. He keeps me company on my hour long drive into NYC and I eagerly await each new pod. So, JVN, I’m sorry that I judged a book by its cover. You are, and will always be, so much more than that. Thank you for being authentic, always.
Get ready to be OBSESSED
This a comprehensive podcast, with a brand new topic every week or so. It’s fresh, it’s on point. A peek into the intelligent, beautiful and creative mind of JVN, this fun and informative show has something for everyone at a time when we all need it the most. What a beautiful human being you are Jonathan, keep shining<3
Let the guest speak!
JVN is awesome and so personable, but sometimes his questions can interrupt the conversation, especially when he’s not really waiting for the complete answer to his questions and digress almost immediately. Case in point: the episode of early history in America was informative and interesting but it felt like Jonathan was not actually adding to the conversation but hindering audience experience of learning information.
Very intelligent and entertaining but interrupts too much!
I love JVN. He’s so endearing and funny, and the show topics are wide ranging and important. I just wish he didn’t interrupt so much! A lot of times his guests are going off on great stories and explanations and he’ll interrupt them mid-sentence. I get that he gets excited or has a sudden burning question, but it’s frustrating as a listener sometimes when I really want to know what the guest was going to say. Even interrupting them mid-sentence to take a break - I feel like he could let them finish the sentence before doing that.
He makes me laugh, cry and feel good about life!
So funny and light hearted! Love JVN!
So good, poignant, and sweet
Philly History!
philly k8
Love that you did an episode about the early American Revolution and the role Philadelphia played. Hopefully you can squeeze a tour of Old City in while filming season 5 of Queer Eye. Also, check out the movie 1776.
Love the podcast but...
Jonathan PLEASE let the speaker talk! It’s so informative and I know you’re curious but they would answer the questions if you let them speak thoroughly 😂 the What Was Early America like is what really is making me post this.
Exactly what I need
First I already love Jonathan from QE but now the podcast! It’s perfectly for me. I like to find a topic that interests me then research it- library, internet, etc. so this is an awesome podcast that I am learning when I listen! Thanks, JVN!!😘
Great podcast!
JVN’s sweet and completely lovely personality comes shining through as he talks with his guests and it is a great model for how we should we approaching everything: with curiosity!
Just not for me.
Rulon Holcomb
Well..it's just not for me.
Great podcast but holy moly the ads....
I love Jonathan and the podcast. There's too many ads. It;s obvious Jonathan will sell anything for anyone that pays him
Learning and Loving!
Jonathan is an angel! I love his energy and voice and he finds the best professionals to come in and explain so many important topics. I’m learning in an interesting and digestible manner. It’s perfection, he’s perfection, I love you Jonathan!
A feel good & learn a lot podcast
Such an uplifting podcast! Every episode always makes me laugh out loud and turns my bumper to bumper traffic anger into laughter. Not only does this podcast make me laugh for 30-60 min, but I actually learn so much information on each topic, which are usually relevant real world issues. Thanks JVN- keep it up!
Always fun even when guests aren’t
Monica Rasmussen
Jonathan is such a doll that I love this podcast, even when he’s got legit kooks like Dr Leaf on spouting some crazy stuff! Just skip the weirdos, the rest are great.
Interesting but interrupt-y
I love Jonathan Van Ness and the guests are fascinating. It can get hard to follow when he interrupts or speaks over the guest. I also wish the transitions to the break was smoother—that would bump up my rating to 5 ⭐️
Johnathan is how happiness sounds like:
Johnathan Radiates happiness. He is a very kind happy guy. Who makes everyone around him happy. I go through so much depression. When I watched him on Queer Eye. I fell in love with him. He seriously makes me happy to watch him. Now with the podcast. I feel happier listening to him. He just radiates happy where ever he goes. If happy was a sound. It’s Johnathan.
Gives me life
Johnathan is such a good listener. He comes across as so well informed, and you can tell it is because he genuinely listens to every person he talks to. It’s so rewarding and life-giving to listen to him listen to other people. The world needs more of him ❤️
I ❤️ gay Jesus
Jonathan van ness is life! Love this podcast
Listen Everday
I fell in love with JVN while watching Queer Eye and was so glad to find out he has a podcast too! I listen every day during my commute and I’ve already learned so much!
I love intelligent and enticing interviews
Extremely interesting content
I know loys of stuff now !
I totally have a crush on you JVN...handsome, irresistible, brilliant, and energetic. I love his approachable, gracious love for everyone. Thank you for the transparency! I usually skip the ads but I love your voice so I don’t want to miss a word! Especially when Harry Larry speaks. You have shown important social issues I didn’t even know about before. Way to go informing us with a passionate spirit!
Love love love ❤️❤️❤️
Recently started Queer Eye and discovered Getting Curious. Jonathan is 100% authentic and it shines through my AirPods and into my heart. I absolutely love this gorgeous podcast! It’s 40 minutes with Jonathan + you learn all the things. 👏🏼
Jonathan = Love!
I just discovered this podcast, and I love it! The episodes are interesting, and Jonathan is wonderful and makes me laugh. Thank you, Jonathan!
I love every episode! Hands down my favorite podcast!!
Laura Mooniepie
This podcast is life. I want Johnathan to be my bff 💕👌🏼
Love !!
This is awesome ❤️ I love the episode with Tan. I want his voice to by Siri on my phone :) love you Jonathan
Truly, one of the best. I have cried and laughed and loved each episodes. There are some I don’t think I’ll connect to then I listen and my eyes are opened.
Absolutely love
I listen to your podcast and absolutely love them 😌! Thank you so much for the information, and just being able to put out fresh and awesome things. Thanks Hunty!!
Fell in love with jvn in queer eye and continue to love him in this podcast. Energy AMAZING... Hair MORE AMAZING
Patiently waiting for new episodes!
Such a fantastic, educational and fun podcast! I love JVN and all his guests. Love this show!
Beautiful episode with Tan France
Co to va
I love the LOVE in this episode!!! Hearing Jonathan and Tan being so frank about their self actualization and coming out processes was enlightening and inspiring. The love and respect with which they inquired about each other’s processes was beautiful. I love them on Queer Eye as well and enjoy their gentle approach to each client there too. Thx! ❤️❤️
LOVE it!
Spanish speaker
JVN is smart, witty and passionate! I could listen to him for hours. Thank you and more please! 💥
Pure amazingness
This podcast is literally E V E R Y T H I N G!
Love JVN and this podcast
It’s so fun to listen to a broad spectrum of topics!
Episode on Parental Alienation
I love JVN so much. His episode on Parental Alienation Syndrome was very eye-opening. Is there any way to get this episode available to download again?
If you are curious about stuff this is for you.
Cat Oak
Jonathan does a beautiful job of sharing his enthusiasm for life and knowledge. Guests and conversations are engaging and fabulous!
Informative and inspirational
Every topic is informational and inspirational. I always learn something new, laugh, and enjoy listening to such a wide range of topics. Jonathan is hilarious and transparent- I love your enthusiasm and dedication to creating positive and challenging dialogue. These conversations need to be heard and you create a perfect platform - thank you!
Thank you
Love listening at work. You help make my day happy, thanks love 💜
I love JVN
So good on TV and “on air” 🥰🥰🥰 so much love
Thx Bae❣️👊🏼
Jalin Ma
JVN, I’m sure you’ve been told a million times, but you have a sacred and rare gift of making people happy. I’m sure it’s exhausting at times, but we are extremely grateful for who you are, what you do, and what you give. Your energy, humor, true talent for language, intellectual curiosity, and genuine kindness are so very appreciated! Love you, bae❣️thank you❣️🙏
So much love for 🌟JVN👑
I loved watching “Gay of Thrones” and love “Queer Eye”, so when I saw this podcast to fill the 1/5th JVN-sized hole in my heart between seasons, I was excited. But! I had no idea what I was in for. The whole premise of this podcast is exactly what I would want to do if ever I had the chance. The conversations are substantial, provocative and informative. I follow so many new instagrams, have learned so many new things, but am still not the biggest fan of snakes. JVN is an intellectual, well-read and professional host, yet still comes across just as fun, hilarious and relatable as one of my girlfriends joining us on the deck for drinks and conversation. JVN’s security and truth in their identity should be an example to us all. Not to mention, how JVN is absolutely clear about how hard they work to be truly their best-self. This positions them to host a special brand of an open, honest and authentic experience for listeners. This show has made me grow such a deeper appreciation for JVN as the media mogul our world needs. 🌟JVN👑 is a treasure.
So talented.
JVN is so so so amazing. If you haven’t seen the show Queer Eye, you need to start binge watching it. JVN does so much for so many people. Thank you! Love the podcast
I've realized what JVN is
Jonathan's what a teenage Golden would sound like, if it could talk. <3
U light up my life!
midwestern abroad
The variety of topics combined with Jonathan’s charm and vulnerability is just so heartwarming, fun and inspiring as well as informative. What a blessing you are in this crazy world JVN!
Thank you for this
I cannot say enough how much I love this podcast-covers so many topics, some very complex but JVN helps break it down. Always recommending for others-refreshing!
So good
Just as I thought I couldn’t love JVN anymore, I started this podcast. It’s an amazing mix of JVN’s upbeat personality and deep-dives into current topics that are so relevant and fascinating. Telling all my friends now and can’t wait to listen to more!
Great Podcast!
The realness in this podcast is refreshing to listen to! Food for my soul!
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