Consistently great!
Ma Joad
Really enjoy the crew on this pod, today was especially great. Good blend of political smarts and humor!
Frustrating glitch
Angela 😍
I’ve been a loyal listener for over a year. When they messed all the podcast subscriptions up last month they didn’t fix this one. Every time I try to resubscribe I get tiny desk concerts in my feed.
Mara Liasson is queen
Love the NPR politics podcast, the reporting, the whole team, and their banter. Special shout out though to Mara Liasson and her no BS, husky voice, which gives me life.
Won’t let me subscribe
It won’t let me download and subscribe to the politics podcast. It keeps giving me the tiny desk concert podcast. For the love of god, please fix it.
Live Long and Prosper
Deducted two stars for anti Star Trek bias. Otherwise, good politics podcast.
My tax dollars support this???
Great podcast if you want a high-school-level view of current political matters. Unapologetically biased ‘reporting’ and extremely shallow thinking. Great way to get your ‘Trump bad, Dems good’ fix.
Such incredibly low quality reporting
You all spoke of the enforcement of Congressional supoenas for demands of the documents from the Executive Branch as part of its Article 1 oversight responsibilities as if there was a large number of similar cases in which the courts had decided in favor the executive branch. Nina must be screaming at the glass as she hears your green reporters spout off Republican talking points that up until now no Republican, no, not even one American, would dare to make. They should do their research. If they are unable to master the material then they should not be allowed to go on air. There are real consequences of the rookies portraying this as a real legal dispute rather than just a political assertion of Trump partisans. It moves the Overton window... Makes it easier for partisan hacks to convince influencable judges to do the wrong thing. Or, did you want to make it seem like there was a real legal dispute so as juice up your ratings? Why not focus on the unprecendented nature of the Trump adminstrations not complying with subpoenas? Why listen to NPR if you're going to go the direction of every other click bait outlet? Build up false equivalency and conjure disputes where there are none so as to get more of our attention? You fall so far and so fast.
Star Trek not welcome
The Immortal Goon
I’ve been listening to this podcast since it was in various previous iterations. I would have given it five stars, hell, I probably have. This week someone was about to make a Star Trek reference, was interrupted, and it was made quite clear that the only pop culture welcome was Star Wars. They actually went back to remove the Star Trek reference. If the podcast avoided pop culture entirely, fine. But I don’t need to be nerd-shamed because I was curious to see where the Wrath If Kahn reference was going. Especially if I have to spend time listening to them jabber about space wizards.
Honestly only people who pay almost zero attention to politics will learn anything here. If my grandparents have to get their news somewhere, I’d rather it be here than the Today Show or Fox, but I’d recommend Democracy Now or something over this any day. They don’t treat their audience like they can handle complex ideas or hard truths.
My first source for political news
This podcast has gotten me interested in politics and kept me well informed for the past 3 years! My number one source for unbiased coverage.
If you believe in centrism
Every Kitty
...you’ll love NPR’s political coverage!
Such a relief
When one of you speaks at a normal rate and at normal pitch. You sound like amphetamine freaks.
So biased they should lose public funding
So biased they should lose public funding. Listen in as these apathetic whimps do everything in their power to mislead and deceive the American public from a free press that would also occasionally criticize the SJW left and progressives. Just non stop trump bashing and a true disappointment. Hard failure.
Can't Let It Go!
Steph Myers
I honestly can't imagine living without this podcast. Its honest and neutral coverage keeps me sane in the current political climate. I also happen to love the personal touches each contributor brings to the pod. 10/10!
Insulting happy-talk wrapper for good content
Getting more self-indulgent and drive-time radio giggly all the time. Cut the cute, get to the meat. Does not bode well for public radio.
Mara Liasson is a conventional wisdom machine. She knows 100% that impeachment is a political loser, bc she can see the future, and therefore it is so. Thanks Mara for letting us know the future, just like how you knew Hillary would win.
Too much prattling
Way too much prattling, trying to be funny, wasting listeners’ time away from political analysis. Mara Liasson seems like the chaperone among the other younger chattering analysts.
Listening to people that like their work
An uplifting group of folks that enjoy their craft. Political analysts and reporters, just good people telling me what’s going on in our phucked up world.
I can let it go...
Love the reporting and hearing both sides. Wish we got more Ron Elving. Can’t stand “can’t let it go”. Far too childish, and frankly, not why I subscribe. I skip it every week so it’s not the end of the world, but as a part of the program... totally superfluous.
Love this podcast‼️
Great analysis by a well rounded and knowledgeable cadre of talented reporters! I so appreciate the “wrap up” of the week’s political news instead of the daily deluge of cable tv. However, the producers are quick to get breaking news out accurately and with analysis. If it’s an “extra” release, it’s important.
I really really like the podcast but...
I really do not care about the presenters personal lives. I listen to the podcast for facts and news updates, so when presenters detour to personal topics - i.e. the ‘Can’t Let it Go’ segment - I feel that we the listener, would benefit from more news and facts related to the podcast as opposed to some random personal fact that’s been bothering you.
Tamara Keith
I enjoy parts of this podcast, but Tamara Keith’s bias comes on a bit too strong, leaning towards contempt.
The most facile analysis out there
Lost its luster
Used to be a diehard fan. Not so much anymore. Not everyone participating seems to be contributing as high a standard as in recent years. Mara, who I listen closest too & admire the most, seems angry all the time and keeps saying voters don’t care about impeachment over & over as if it’s ridiculous to pursue it. I just don’t get that. Can’t Let Go has gotten out of control. It’s just gotten ridiculous. Other pods simply have better reporting & analysis these days - non partisan, yes. Thank you for all the hard work you do. NPR has done a lot over the years.
“On the Trail with....”
Men? Come on guys. Corey, Pete...is Joe next?
As with almost everything on NPR, worth a listen.
Love this podcast!
My go-to source to stay on top of major political info. A nice balance of meaty content with humor. I feel like the regulars are “friends” - keeping me in the loop. Great podcast for time in car. Highly recommend. Thank you NPR Political Podcast.
Reconsider Advertising Partnerships
While the overall content of this podcast is good, the choice of advertising partners is disappointing. It’s disheartening and causes a breakdown in listener trust when NPR ‘sells out’ to companies like Google, Exxon, and the like. These are companies that I personally believe are corrupting our government and culture through harmful policies. For this reason, I am unsubscribing. I will happily resubscribe and enjoy the content if the show chooses a different approach.
Too many episodes
I love the politics podcast, but over 100 episodes seem to continually show up on my feed. I unsubscribe, delete and resubscribe but 160 shows keep popping up. Most of them from 2016. I’ll just have to manually download the episodes I want until this is fixed. I’ll resubscribe when I can
Not subscribing appropriately
I used to love listening to this podcast but ever since the update, this podcast turns into the Tiny Desk Concert podcast. I unsubscribe and resubscribe multiple times a day and keep getting something I don’t want. Please fix this.
Congrats on 500 episodes!
I love npr politics, but for some reason other npr programs have been appearing their channel feed. Episodes of How I built this has inundated its episode list and is making managing the downloaded episodes.
So many unwanted downloads
Sud hooked
I know you addressed it last week when it first started and said it was fixed, but every single day I have hundreds of podcasts showing up related to NPR, often I’m not even subscribed. Short of deleting them one at a time, I can’t seem to be rid of them and I’m sick of doing this. What’s the final solution to the problem that started last week? My next step is to unsubscribe to all things NPR but I appreciate my morning round up to know what’s happening in the world. Is there a final fix?
Keep doing everything you do
This continues to be my favorite podcast and I think every component of the show is great. I love the ending and have almost spit my water out more than a number of times. Critics will Criticize just like Haters will Hate. I applause everyone involved in the show on air and behind the show.
Solid Politics Podcast, Has Some Flaws
I have been listening to NPR’s politics podcast for several months and have listened to many past episodes in my downtime. I learn best by listening, so coming here to hear politics updates has been helpful. The information is typically fluid and I feel better-informed now than before I subscribed. I like that they normally update more than once per week, and respond quickly to developing news. The flaws of this podcast have been mentioned by other reviewers: “Can’t Let It Go” is ridiculous and unnecessary, sometimes the commentators are a little too laidback (laughs, jokes), and there is of course bias. Breaking down these three flaws: I don’t come to a politics podcast to hear about one of the hosts saying that can’t let something go about Cardi B. Like, really? The commentators tend to choose irrelevant topics that speak more to their occasionally frivolous characters than what may be relevant to the US at large. If I want Cardi B news, I can turn to People magazine, not NPR. There is a line of professionalism that “Can’t Let It Go” tends to fall short of. I understand that the hosts are now longtime friends who have done this for years, and since they write the rules of the podcast, they can have some fun. But they can be a bit “giggly”, it’s true. I feel that they try to be serious during serious topics. But sometimes, lightheartedness is the stuff of other podcast genres. As for the bias, it doesn’t honestly bother me, because I turn to several sources for news. It’s about finding balance. But I acknowledge that it’s there, and why it may bother some listeners. All that being said, I genuinely appreciate NPR’s politics group chat because it’s straightforward. Easy to follow. They tell what information they have in a clear, concise way, which is obviously a good trait for a podcast. I can’t say the same for most other politics pods I’ve listened to. So thank you for that! I think the main thing here is that calling this a “group chat” is more accurate than saying they’re on a higher sophisticated level. If hardwired professionalism was their goal, they missed the mark. But getting info out there in an easier-going manner? Check that box.
Best Political Show Out There!
I watch and listen to lots of political coverage from several sources/mediums, and this is by far my favorite. I’ve been hooked since 2016. A great way to get a deeper dive into the day/week’s news, delivered in a great, conversational, fun way. Love it and love each NPR Politics Podcaster.
Former subscriber
I love this show but had to unsubscribe because hundreds of episodes start to download. This was a problem with other NPR shows I listen to but those were fixed.
But I freaked out when it changed.
Skinny Kangaroo
I like your new photo but I had a moment that after your recent issues, I thought oh no. Here we go again. Still I love you podcast. Of the political podcast I listen too( because you don’t publish every day😢) I always move your podcast to the front of the line when ever it drops.
Politics Not So Boring Anymore
NPR Politics really helps me understand our political system better, as well as to get to know our presidential candidates. Thanks!
Sell outs
Liberal Austin Hawk
I’m sorry, I love the podcast and would give it a 3-4, but I just heard an “American Beverage Council” advertisement. They peddle poison. Please stop accepting this type of sponsorship. It is no longer sponsorship, it isn’t even advertising with a show like this: it is a tacit endorsement.
Love this podcast!
I never miss an episode of this podcast! The panel is incredibly well informed and so much fun to listen to. Thank you, and never stop recording it please!
Please commit to unbiased journalism
At 8:58, Scott Detrow says "Right now, Joe Biden has a wide lead over all those other democrats and he is positioning himself as the likely nominee of the party." I think that it is irresponsible to make such a bold claim so early in the primary. Which polls specifically are you citing? Why use the language "those other democrats"? I think there is no reliable way to know yet who the strong candidates are, and to describe Joe Biden as the "likely nominee of the party" when they haven't even debated yet is not unbiased journalism, it is purposeful priming of public opinion.
The realTohdoh
stop saying your sorry about the podcast error...your 3 minute apology on all of your podcasts is far more annoying then the error itself
Unlike so many, so so many, politics talk shows and such this one just leaves you feeling informed but not, what’s the word, horribly depressed? It always feels like a discussion, and as someone who is around a lot of left leaning media, it honestly isn’t too bad in this one. Yes they all seem to be more liberal, which sometimes gets a little frustrating, but they present much more general facts. They don’t try to spin it, they always try to present opinions from both sides, and make it clear what facts are left over from that. There is no yelling too, which is AWESOME. And yes, the have fun, which honestly makes it better. They’re friends, they don’t hate each other. If this doesn’t sound like something you would want to hear, just don’t listen to it. Don’t hate on it, just because it isn’t the way you want to receive information. I hate ALL cable news, and this is my ideal. If you want a more data driven version do this, 538 is also awesome.
I dunno how I feel about how they’re treating Ayesha
So, I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2016... But the last few episodes I’ve heard with Ayesha Roscoe has left me wondering... At the end of the show when they go on about stuff they can’t let go, it seems like they have been consistently dismissing Ayesha’s things she can’t let go. Maybe it’s just me. But it doesn’t sit well with me. The two instances that I’m talking about, both have to do with Beyoncé. For instance the most recent one was where I guess Taylor Swift more less gentrified Beyoncé’s performance. I’m just saying, if she’s you’re only black journalist on the show... maybe consider what she has to say and not just make it sound like it’s really not that big of deal. I know this isn’t specific and probably isn’t terribly helpful. But next time just listen to how they’re dismissing her. It’s letting me down.
Fake reporters
I use to be a big fan, I recommended to many people. Their reporting on Venezuela is all you need to know about their reporting quality. The US is only there for OIL, and we opened fire on innocent people, and we put sanctions on them which has led to medicine shortage. They claim it’s because they are “close” and trump wants the “Hispanic vote”. Really? Then why is he so rude to Mexico? Very disappointed in not. If you want accurate news go somewhere else.
Perfect when they stick to actual news and politics. Recently I heard an episode where some celebrity’s new CD was discussed for a solid 10 minutes. That is NOT why I listen.
Substantive and subjective
Paddycakes McGoo
If you are looking for a good overview of national politics, this podcast is fantastic. I subscribe to a variety of politics, international affairs, and current events podcasts, and each one has its merits, but I really enjoy the NPR team of political journalists for their professionalism, lack of spin, and trust in their audience to come to their own conclusions about the news that they report.
Big blind spot
Adam The MechE
I love this podcast, but they just had a piece on Venezuela and didn't mention oil as a cause of our intervention. Bolton himself said it would be for American business interests, and of course that's why we're going in. I'll revert my 5 stars once they correct the record.
Lost a point because of Mara Liasson
I really enjoy this podcast because of its unbiased factual reporting. But seriously Mara Liasson your personal bias and opinions are so apparent in your reporting, it’s not welcomed or appreciated. We get it, you aren’t a republican and you don’t like Trump.
Great unbiased reporting!
I LOVE this podcast! I looked for years to find a podcast for me - not a Republican or Democrat - just give me the unbiased news. I've been listening for 3 years and cannot tell you which host favors which party, as they do a great job of impartiality. This is my favorite pod to get news and facts and allows me to make my own decisions instead of telling me what to believe. I love the hosts!
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