Michael Knowls on Sunday special
Wow I love the Sunday special but this was the most in-execrable episode of all. I thought two mostly like minded daily “daily wired”pundits would be intellectually incestuous.tTo my delight it was a timely thesis on the finer points of modern conservatism. Illuminating intellectual and entertaining!!!
Thank you. The news is unregulated today and bias. Fact. We are living in the age of spin and it’s beginning to poison the American people with because of it. Im happy to have found this podcast because it seems to be the only place I’m hearing the truth of what’s happening in our country.. plus Bens trump impersonations are pretty hilarious 😆
Matter of fact
Obviously a conservative podcast, but he has no problem calling out hypocrisy or wrong doing on either side of the aisle. Extremely intelligent and fact driven
Devon Holmes
I love this show I listen to it when I workout.
Brilliant, logical and true
Please run for president.
Mrs Hogwart
If you're looking for someone to cut through all the leftist nonsense, Ben is your guy.
bellllla d
I’m a newbie to this podcast, but I LOVE IT. safe to say I am becoming obsessed. I love the no crap straight up attitude. You are honest and I trust you, to give unbiased opinions. I thoroughly enjoy listening in the car, on my bike, or on a run! Thanks Ben!! Sharing with friends!! Keep it up!
Great thinking
Weir here
Very thoughtful and honest review of where we are at as a country
Great Insights
Although right leaning, Ben doesn’t line up like the sheep on the left so.
5 stars for Ben, 0 stars for Apple
Ben is great love listening to his cast, and typically on 2x is great but 1.5x is fine too, it will be weird to one day hear him in person and wonder why he sounds so different. Apple gets 0 because every single time I remove an episode from my library, it unsubscribes me! Every. Single. Time. When I want to do some spring cleaning of old episodes that heard on another platform and they are still on my phone, it will unsubscribe. Apple Dumb! Ben smart. It’s probably a Me-Problem though.
Racism and anti Semitism
Gave 4 stars, but didn’t agree with much of 843 and 844. Over thought and too PC. I was raised in Texas in the 60s and 70s. Like everyone else I knew, we were raised to be color blind. The Golden Rule was taught as well as Jesus Loves all the children of the world. Through my whole life I can think of only one blatant racist. Recently visited Israel with my church after reading The Prime Ministers. I am loyal to Israel, only to find out saying so is anti Semitic. Wow. You can do better than this.
Ben Shapiro is the BEST...
...example of what a man child looks and sounds like. Poor little Ben thinks he’s got it all figured out, too bad he’s an idiot who will literally make you dumber.
Bass Clariphonist
I am 99% sure that Ben is throwing sarcastic playful shade at Michael Knowles but ca somebody write a review to let me know... it’s confusing. I love the show for both guys, keep up the good work Shapiro! Absolute peak of intelligence and commentary.
Can’t get enough🥰
I love this so much that when I finish the daily podcast, I go back and listen to old ones
Double good
Great podcast, but sometimes I have to check if I didn’t accidentally put it on double speed.
Sharon H
domesticated engineer
I am really really tired of All the Trump rhetoric. Can we just be unbiased and talk about other things. Shapiro is very critical if any little thing Trump does wrong and is satirical about everything. He used to not do this . Please grow up and be more unbiased
Great Way to Keep Up with Political News!
J mom 3
I look forward to listening to this podcast everyday during my kids naps while I work around the house! It keeps me up-to-date with the political (and outside 🤪) world. Ben and the Daily Wire delivers the news in an easy-to-follow, honest, and rational method which can be hard to find with other news sources. I find his work exceptional and am glad he shares it with his listeners. Thanks!
Who else is there?
Ben is the right guy to have a successful platform. He is as funny as he is brilliant. As caring as he is provocative. All of us owe it to the conservative cause to emulate his approach. Have an opinion based on facts. Behave as though your kids are watching and act like an American.
Food for thought
Practical Granny
Love his common sense.
Sunday show
I don’t agree with 90% of his views, but thank you for your interview with Mr Morgan. He had some amazing points of view . He’s a smart, fair and intriguing man. Loved this show
Piers Morgan
Squirrel 67
Excellent sit-down with Piers Morgan. Great insights and ideas offered in an extremely reasonable, affable way. Leave it to a Brit to point out our shortcomings. ☺️ I wish Rachelle Maddow ( just one example) could take the time to listen to this interview.
Integral part of my daily commute to and from work. Very informative and educational daily.
Amazing daily news show
Cold hard unbiased news the way it should be. Been a daily listener for a couple of months now and would recommend to everyone.
Favorite part of my day
Ben is quite the learned man. Clever, funny, witty. His commentary is obviously from the right, but the news is unbiased. Listening to his hour is the best part of my day. My wife who isn’t as keen on politics even enjoys listening because of the cultural and comedic bursts Ben has. (Try him on half speed to hear him drunkenly rant about the democrats) it’s my favorite. Highly recommended podcast.
Everyone has my nicknames?
Great listen, good points.
LOL at all these 1 star reviews
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Great content every single day. I honestly look forward to listening to this podcast on a daily basis. Those voting this 1 Star are clearly close minded. Ben is actually pretty center minded. If you can’t hear him out and disagree without leaving him a 1 Star review then you are just a dumb a**
Awesome show very committed with the truth
A guy very intellectually honest. Committed only with true and no political views. A true libertarian who stands for life, property and freedom.
Bobby Hz
Best Bias Free News Podcast Out There. Period. Thanks for the show Ben
ya boi berry b benson
Fair points from the conservative side of America with chris Matthews impressions
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
While I do disagree with Mr. Shapiro and his takes, I do think that he nailed his points with his criticism of President Trump. I do not like the man but his listeners have the “right” idea.
My connection to the alt right
Thanks Ben for introducing me to the alt right. Been looking for a group of self hating bigots to pal around with and without all your deep ties to neonazis everywhere I couldn’t have found my people. Thanks so much for all you do. FYI that’s sarcasm above, if you can’t tell. Ben hates bigots more than I do. I love that I can cross reference the idea here and find facts to back them up. All the mainstream crap out there can be disproven most of the time with a quick google search. Apparently most people are sheep that just want to be led by the loudest person in the room. Be a wolf people. It feels so much better
I love this podcast. I listen to it daily. It is a great look into our political system and the daily news that is not compromised.
Please cover this in an upcoming show
Michele Hogan
How did Omar and Talib get elected? Are they in majority Muslim districts or did they lie before gaining office. Hard to think patriotic Americans would elect them.
Best Conservative news/politics podcast out there.
This is the best political commentary podcast I have ever found. Since I am a conservative and it is hard to find good reporting that leans right wing and just as hard to find good commentary on current event in the country. I am very glad I found this podcast, I listen to it every day at work and occasionally at home. I almost always agree with Ben since he gives logical, reasonable arguments and doesn’t just yell and swear to make his point like bs Pod Save America. He also tells the truth and shows the facts even if they look bad for the Republicans. Ben Shapiro is the flashlight that shines through the darkness of the liberal’s lies. This podcast is my primary source of political commentary now, so glad I found it.
Outstanding Episode
Such an absolute pleasure to listen to Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan have a civil conversation expressing their viewpoints - simply excellent!
Good stuff
Avid listener. Love the way Ben breaks certain topics down. Keep up the good work.
learn something new every day
quality content -- thank you ben!
Clearly Left one star reviews
Ben does a good job of breaking down the news of the day with his right leaning look - which he admits. His facts and knowledge intimidate lots of these losers that live in a basement wishing they were something. Ben can be arrogant and a bit of privilege comes out but a super smart man he is.
Logical, Conservative Opinion based on Facts
While I always do not agree on what Ben Shapiro says, I can verify that the Ben Shapiro Show is a great option to hear a conservative prospective of political news, recent events, and other right-wing focused discussion. When listening or reading anything from the Daily Wire, I know I will be gathering high-quality, contextual information in the form of a conservative voice. This podcast is my main Conservative News Discussion. Like Shapiro suggests, I also listen to a left-wing news podcast as well (Tim Pool) For Entertainment Purposes I listen to Steven Crowder, H3 Podcast, and JRE All these Podcasts are great and suggest checking all of them out to get a well balanced perspective by listening to various viewpoints on mainstream political topics.
Great PodCast to listen to, keeps me up to date with news while keeping the waters less murky with leftist bias.
Great even podcast
Ben presents both sides of the story even if its someone he supports he is able to call them out.
PLEASE Record at a higher volume.
I love the show, but your volume is 30% lower than any other podcast I listen to. Please work on your sound compression and record at a higher level to make it easier for users.
Love the P. Morgan episode!
RJ Gomez
Love the debate back and forth. Such great dialogue and intellectual conversations on what’s battle us in America right now. Appreciate you guys! Now going to be a new subscriber on the daily wire to finish this episode.
American gun rights
69 Commando
That was the best 2nd Amendment debate that I have heard in 60 years. Both Mr. Morgan and Mr. Shapiro had equally compelling points and were able to meet on center grounds to argue their points. America was the winner on this episode. A+ for both Shapiro and Morgan!
What democracy is actually about.
libertarian pepe
Distinctly different from his daily podcast. On the “Sunday Special,” Ben frequently has guests with opposite view points and graciously allows his guests the majority of the time.
His tumblers cause cancer
Great review, just finishing chemo
COS Rules
Ben, Thank you for alerting me to the Convention of States.
Sunday Special Piers Morgan Interview
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard! Keep up the excellent selection of guests that any listener could appreciate, no matter where they sit on the political spectrum. Hooray for free speech!
amereen devang
Excellent conservative podcast l would highly recommend.
My once a day political podcast
Queen of pies
This podcast and Scott Adams are my two must listen to political podcasts each day. I love that Ben hits the important topics of the day, hits them fast, and gives opinion rooted in core values. I then listen to Scott Adams who often has a different opinion and take on the day's news, though both come from conservative values.
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