Really enjoy this show and have for some time. However, I am disappointed with the “You 2.0 Series” this summer because it is the exact same episodes that ran in 2018. Fresh and original content is necessary to keep engagement with listeners.
Zombie Pilgrim
Great podcast, but they recycle their content.
I really liked this podcast but grew tired of them recycling their episodes. I stopped listening to it in mid-2018 and just picked it back up. To my dismay the very first episode I came across was a repeat of an episode I heard twice before. I'd wish they release episodes once a month or intermittently. The constant reposting of old episodes looks like a money-grab from sponsors.
An important podcast
One of my top five favorite podcasts. I find myself forwarding episodes to friends - and not the same friends. There’s a “something for everyone” aspect to Hidden Brain. I especially love how it takes a strand of research and applies it to various fields. I always feel enlightened after a Hidden Brain episode! Thank you, thank you -
Hate it
The fastes runner sonic
Hate it it is so boring!! 👎🏼
Cool Science, Narrative Off For Me
I enjoy hearing about interesting psychology studies and Hidden Brain delivers. But for some reason to me personally, the narrator and time spent on the story (to put context around the studies) is just offputting.
This is a great listen - Shankar always keeps me engaged and up-to-date on the latest in Social Science. Appreciate it!
Still Love This Show!
From the Piney Woods of Texas
I've been a listener from day one and Hidden Brain has not lost any of its charm or verve for me. Keep on keepin' on, Shankar!
Shankar is a rockstar
This show is fantastic. It's endlessly informative and entertaining.
Insightful and endearing
S. Marrs
Interesting neurology and great stories.
Love the show
Instagram ~ itscadence
The show is enjoyable and they break down the topics well. My favorite part is the 60 second piece where Shankar & Daniel summarize the research they’ve found regarding the given topic. I don’t like that they air the same episodes over as an “encore.” I could just go listen again if I wanted. I am in the process of listening from the beginning so I can’t speak on the most recent episodes but the plenty I’ve listened to have been really interesting. I’m excited to listen to the rest!! Shankar is a great host!
Awesome but replays old episodes too much!
This podcast is amazing. I learn so much from it! But why, why, why do they keep pushing old episodes back into the feed?? If I wanted to hear those again, I would go find them. Time for some new content. I’m about to unfollow. This just seems lazy!
Wish this was better
I love the topics they cover, but it seems like they're dumbing them down for a "mass" audience. And sometimes they don't even seem to understand their own topic. I'm thinking of the Fox and Hedgehog episode, supposedly about big idea strategists vs tactical small thinkers. The example focused on in the episode - the surgeon - is not a "big idea" guy - he's obsessed. There's a difference, but the makers of this podcast didn't understand the distinction. I really wanted to hear the episode described. I think Freakonomics does this kind of, I'm sorry, big idea podcasting better.
Always worth the listen
Every time I listen to Hidden Brain I learn something useful and applicable in some way or another. Whether learning something about how I view the world or how to talk to others with different opinions there’s always some great nugget of information in each episode. On top of that, Shankar’s (sp?) deep humanity comes through and makes each listen that much more enjoyable
Where’s the episode on names?
I love this podcast. I listened to the episode on names and now I can’t find it anywhere. Can u repost it?
WOW!!! Mind blowing in the best way possible!
Thank you for creating this! I absolutely LOVE listening and learning from you all! This is an amazing opportunity for growth and understanding you have created here and I hope a lot of people get an opportunity to listen learn and hopefully open their minds to the topics you present here. I will definitely be sharing this with everyone I know. Thank you again! ❤️
Thank you
Hey Hidden Brain team. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing such important content. I learn from and connect deeply to your episodes. Your work is appreciated.
Terrific popular psych podcast
Great host, great guests and great topics. No oversimplification or caricature, no pandering to the audience, it’s simply a very honest attempt to make science relevant and accessible while stressing its nuances and complexity.
Phenomenal podcast
Phenomenal podcast. Really interesting topics & great food for thought. Love the use of music throughout. Highly recommend.
Why so many repeats?
This was my favorite podcast. Interesting, unique. I would have given it 5 stars, but every other episode is a repeat now
Ever wonder....?
After listening to ALL the episodes I can confidently understand why I do (& think) some of the things I do/think.
Stop trying to pass off repeats as new episodes
Love the show, but you need to be more transparent about reposting old content. It’d be great if you would stop posting old episodes to my feed altogether. But if that won’t happen, please stop trying to make them seem like new episodes. Label them as repeats. Include a note at the beginning of the episode. Definitely don’t include a tag implying that the episode is new before proceeding to play an old show. It’s a bad look...
Love this show. The combination of stories and sciences makes it for a great, entertaining yet thought-provoking show.
Excellent podcast
Very interesting and well done podcast. Great insight into human behavior.
would you please share the transcript of each episode?
My favorite
Very satisfying. I seem to be happy during and after listening. For me, can’t get better than that. Thank you.
Love it!
I love this program!
One of the best podcasts out there
Thought-provoking, thoroughly researched, edited well, Hidden Brain is easily one of the best podcasts out there.
Always a wonderful learning experience.
This podcast has never failed to educate me on topics, which many times, I didn’t even know I would find interesting. I have learned a great deal and have been inspired to explore some of the topics further to learn even more. Many have provided a stimulus for discussions with others, which in my opinion, continues the learning.
I’ve been listening to Hidden Brain for several years, but this past week the show and it’s financiers completely outed their blind partisanship to big pharma. There’s nothing worse that the ignorant pretending they are smart and informed. I won’t be listening anymore.
Basically Invisibilia Lite
If you’re looking for interesting stories with depth an careful research this is fine, but there are lots of NPR shows doing it a lot better
Facts are not enough
I just listened to this specific podcast. This podcast felt like brainwashing. Annoyed me. And now I don’t care to listen to hidden brain anymore.
Thank you, Shankar!
Your program is both carefully researched & thoughtful. I appreciate the high quality of your presentation and look forward to each new episode.
Seriously, a *must* listen
Insightful, thought-provoking, enlightening - and entertaining. Very well done. Fascinating. I never miss it. It’s unique and goes deep in a way not found elsewhere. Time very well spent. Great podcast to listen to and then discuss with your friends.
Our Animal Instincts
Great show! Excellent logic!
Irresponsible re: Climate Change/Confirmation Bias
In an episode about changing minds, the podcast irresponsibly compares those who believe in climate change to those that don’t, stating that both groups’ beliefs are strengthened when they hear evidence to support them, but they ignore opposing views. Climate Change is real and to suggest that it’s a belief only—and to equate it with climate denial—is inaccurate and immoral. False equivalencies like this are part of why people don’t know what to believe. I’m a long-time listener, but I’m done with this show.
Too many reruns
This podcast has excellent content. Too bad it is repackaged into a radio show that shows back up as another podcast. I would rather see this be a monthly podcast with new content every time. By definition I can go back and listen to old shows whenever I want.
Enjoy the content, but delivery is difficult
Ward E.
Journalistic approach is good, but pace and background sounds/“color” noises are distracting.
Moving, pragmatic, and actionable insight
I sobbed while listening to “The Fox and the Hedgehog.” Your narration, thoughtfulness, and investigations are impeccable. Throughout my listening, I remain thoroughly captivated by the brilliant storytelling and well-researched arguments presented in this podcast. Thank you 💜
Hidden brain
Decent podcast. However repeat episodes aren’t stated as so in notes or podcast. Other podcasts do this. 3 stars for wasting my time.
The Best
I have 20 podcasts in my que. This is the best one. That little thrill when your favorite is at the top of the recently updated list! ❤️🤓
Insightful, and Calming
Soham Bakshi
This podcast takes a bit of a philosophical approach to scientific subjects, which makes it really interesting. After listening to quite a few podcast, this one stands out due to to approach. Also, the host has a very kind voice, and manner of speaking.
The hidden brain
I absolutely love this journalist.
Hidden Brain
Hidden Brain is fantastic!
Thoughtful and thought provoking
This is one of the best podcasts in the world. Also, Shankar Vedantam has an exceptionally beautiful voice and is so nice to listen to. Thanks to everyone who works hard to produce this wonderful show!
Not what it claims
This podcast has such potential. Each episode title promises to bring you something fascinating that all thinking people should ponder. Then the episode begins and the host goes down rabbit holes only marginally related to the title. The show is mostly personal stories and details that are in no way needed to tell the larger story of a fascinating phenomenon. As much as I like the pieces the host does on NPR, this feels like the stuff left on the cutting room floor.
I love it
It helps me calm down
Great Podcast
If you have a devise that links up to that newfangled thing called the internet and you have a brain, subscribe! Nuff said... Glad we had this conversation
I love this podcast
I love this podcast and look forward to new episodes eagerly. Unfortunately it seems like there have been quite a few re-runs lately. Too bad. I love this show! Please keep making new ones. Shankar has a wonderful voice and a friendly demeanor. He's the best host, and makes guests feel at ease
Fox and the Hedgehog
This is the best podcast of Hidden Brain. I listened to it twice a year ago and I listened to it again this year. Shankar V is the best host for this program. Thanks for giving it you all, Shankar. This is worth listening to again and again.
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